What To Do in a Car Accident

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 10 months ago

    If you’ve ever been in a car crash then you’ll know the world slows down a little as it’s happening, it’s a strange phenomenon that makes it feel like you’re almost in a movie with special effects - until BANG.  At this point, you come back down to Earth and as the panic creeps in, your heart starts racing, adrenaline starts pumping, and the world speeds up as if to compensate for the slow motion effect that took place only moments ago.

    Of course, after the accident, you might want to consider getting in touch with a specialist car accident compensation lawyer but in the moments immediately after an accident there are a few things you need to do in order to ensure safety, fairness and to reduce your exposure to risk.


    The first consideration is the safety of yourself, other passengers and other road users.  In this sense, the first thing to do is check that everyone is alright within your vehicle.  If you can pull over to the side of the road, to make the scene a little safer, that’s advisable - but if you can’t then you will want to switch the engine off and get away from the vehicle.

    If people are hurt, then it’s important to call for emergency services as soon as possible, though there’s a chance this has already been taken care of by onlookers.  Check yourself, as sometimes the adrenaline in your body means that you might not be aware or feel the pain of an injury in the moment, yet, you could be in a serious state without even feeling it.  

    Therefore, visually check yourself and others to ensure you know what you’re dealing with.


    Try to remain calm, and not angry or aggressive.  There’s a good chance all parties will be in shock which means irrespective of blame, you’re all suffering from this experience.  It’s important you don’t lose your temper, but at the same time, many people feel it’s important to not apologise or admit responsibility.

    If nobody is hurt, and you’re able to drive away, simply exchange details in case either party wishes to claim on their insurance policy.  Alternatively, if the police are on their way, they’ll take care of this for you.


    It’s hopefully obvious when to call an ambulance, yet many people are unsure when calling the police is a warranted course of action.  The times to call the police tend to be if the accident is serious enough to have caused serious injury, or has rendered a road to be blocked or obstructed.  If the other driver leaves the scene without providing details, that’s something you might want to call the police about - and/or if the drive appears to have no insurance or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    In summary, the first focus must be on the safety of yourself and others - then approach the situation with caution given the potential for road rage and/or claims being made against you should you apologise or admit responsibility.  Then, if the situation calls for it, give the police a call and report the accident.


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