Safe Driving Tips Everyone Should Follow

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    Driving is a privilege which many of us have after the age of 17-18 and it is something which gives us a huge amount of freedom and the ability to go anywhere and do anything we want. However, a lot of drivers take the roads for granted and so many people end up with petty accidents each year which could be been easily prevented with the simple safety on the roads. Here are some examples of the things you can do this week when driving to ensure you stay safe on the road.

    1. Keep to the speed limit

    The speed limit is there for a reason and although most of us keep to it diligently for the first few months after our test we can soon get a little brave and crank up the speed a bit. So many of us do it that it seems normal to exceed the limit but it is actually really dangerous. The difference between hitting something at 30mph and 40mph can be life and death so bear it in mind when on the roads.

    2. Avoid snowy days

    It can be difficult to avoid driving in the snow completely when you have to travel to work every day during the winter, but in general, it is always handy to try and stay inside or get public transport if the snow is pretty bad. Driving in the snow can cause visibility issues and it can also mean that our reaction times are slower as well as stopping times and this can cause us to lose control and skid into other cars. Make sure that you try your best to avoid snowy days if possible.

    3. Be aware of aquaplaning

    Aquaplaning is an issue which you will start to notice a lot more now that you are coming into winter, and it is what happens when water gets underneath the tires and messes with the grip on the road. If you do end up in a situation on a rainy day where you feel that you’ve lost grip on the road, steer gently and slow down gently to a stop as soon as it is safe. It can be a fatal thing if you don’t and it can be messy.

    4. See the big picture

    When you are driving your car you need to always make sure you are looking at least 5 cars ahead and that you are also always aware of things going on to the side and behind you. When there are pedestrians or animals near the road, for example, you have to be able to come to a stop if they walk out as well as not being hit by the car behind you. Opening your eyes to everything you can possibly see is the best course and will keep you safe.

    5. Always be ready to stop

    It is crucial as a driver that you are always prepared to stop if you have to. It could be a child running out into the road, a car pulling out in front of you or a cyclist appearing out of nowhere. The roads can be a really unpredictable place and it is so important for you to make sure you are able to stop at a moment’s notice to avoid a fatal accident.

    6. Rest when you are tired

    It really cannot be stressed enough how important it is to rest and recover after a long day of driving and to always stop driving when you start to feel drowsy. We all know that driving can be relaxing and it can make us feel tired after a long trip, but you need to know when to stop and rest for a while and maybe swap with another person who can continue the driving for you. Find a rest stop and grab some water and food to make you feel more awake and then when you are ready, take the wheel once more.

    7. Never drive distracted

    Distractions are always the worst thing you can have in your car and
    distracted driving costs more lives than anything else. Never drive with your phone on and never have anything like a tablet playing next to you because it can tempt you to look over and away from the road. Be sure not to have the music on too loud because this can also distract you from driving, and don’t be afraid to ask people to stop talking when you need to concentrate for a tricky roundabout system.

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