How To Put the Fun Back in Driving

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 8 months ago

    Even the most hardcore car fans can sometimes find that driving becomes, well, a little boring from time to time. If you’re normally a super fan, then this can be a little disconcerting. But the good news is that sometimes all it takes to fall back in love with driving is to mix it up a little bit. If you’re doing the same old, same old every day then, of course, it’s going to become a little boring. Below, we take a look at six ways you can increase the fun when it comes to your vehicle.

    Get Away From Rush Hour

    You love driving, but in actual fact, large chunks of the time you spend in your car might be spent not driving at all, but rather sitting still. If you live in a busy area and commute to and from work every day, then you could be wasting a lot of time sat in bumper to bumper traffic. This is enough to kill anyone’s enthusiasm, especially if it’s a daily occurrence! So get away from rush hour. First, look to see if there’s an alternative route, even if it takes a little bit longer; it’s better to drive for 45 minutes rather than crawl along for 40 minutes. Second, take your car out for a spin at low-traffic periods. It’ll remind you that there’s another way to experience the roads.

    Long Distance Journeys

    Most of the time, we drive not because we want to, but because we need to. We might still enjoy the process, but still, it’s a need, not a want. So consider taking a trip that’s all about fun. A road trip is a way to experience all that’s great about driving, as well as explore the beautiful scenic spots near to where you live. You don’t have to wait until spring has returned to hit the roads, either: there’s much to be said for taking a road trip during the winter season, especially if you’re planning to visit state parks - you’ll have them all to yourself!

    On the Track

    It’s just a fact of life that we can never really push our cars to the limit when we’re driving on public roads. There are laws and safety concerns to think about, after all. If you haven’t spent any time on a private track, then you haven’t experienced the best of driving. Let’s change that. Take a look at drift cars, hit the track, and have some fun. You’ll soon realize that your driving experiences have hitherto been a little bit mild. Just make sure that the adrenaline of the track has worn off by the time you begin driving on public roads again, lest you get carried away!

    Tidy it Up

    How are we supposed to enjoy our vehicle if we have a vague feeling that it’s, well, a little dirty and grimy? Look at giving your car a thorough clean inside and out, and you might just find you enjoy being in your vehicle much more. Your car isn’t just about what’s going on under the hood; it’s about its overall look and feel. If it has been some time since you made your car look spotless, then look at having it serviced by professionals. They’ll have it looking like new.

    Update Your Entertainment

    Cars have come a long way in recent years. Just look at the safety features of new cars, which are highly advanced and sophisticated. Another area where big leaps forward have been made is in the entertainment options available. If your car is lacking in this area, then you’ll be limiting the amount of fun you can have in your car, it’s that simple. No matter what car you have, you should be able to update the system so that you can have a touchscreen, an audio system with aux and Bluetooth input, and hands-free phone calls.

    Take a Break

    Everything will get a little bit old if it’s pushed to an extreme edge. Nothing will make driving exciting again like taking a break. If you don’t drive for a couple of weeks, you’ll be thrilled when you get back behind the wheel and onto the road. If you’re beginning to focus too much on the negative aspects of being in the driver’s seat, then give public transport and being a passenger a go for a while: you’ll soon be running back to your car.

    Cars will always be fun, but from time to time you’ll need to take steps to bring it out, is all.


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