Picking Our Battles: What Sort Of Car Troubles (Aside From The Basics) Should We Try To Fix Ourselve

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago

    There are some things you shouldn't touch with a barge pole, and when we are capable of making big mistakes on the road with just our hands and feet, it's hardly a surprise that we're not willing to do anything to our cars, for fear of causing irreparable damage. We leave these things to the mechanics, but when we have an active interest in the maintenance of our car, but we don't have the confidence to embrace it wholeheartedly, we can make sure we prepare adequately. Complicated? Not always…

    Prepare (To Repair)

    Nowadays, it's not just about the toolbox, although this is incredibly helpful. Nowadays, we have an encyclopedia of knowledge on our smartphones. When it comes to DIY repairs, the internet is great. But, there's so much limited information out there that you have to choose carefully. When you are delving into the diagnostics aspects of things, you can get an SCT tuner to help. But diagnostics is such a complicated arena; you need the right software and apps. PCMScan, ScanTool, and Torque Pro have an abundance of resources to help any budding mechanic get their information right. As far as the toolbox is concerned, there's no real secret, but just make sure that you get ones that you can have a good grip on. In other words, get ones with good handles!

    A Glossary Of Terms

    When it comes to fixing a car, a good dictionary will always be beneficial. Whether you are replacing a drive belt, battery or alternator, or fixing coolant leaks, you need to get some knowledge of these components. A drive belt is one of those things that we usually let the mechanic fix and replace, but once we know its purpose, we can get involved in the ins and outs, and fix these things ourselves. A drive belt connects the loops around the pulleys on the engine of the car and controls various accessories, such as the battery, the cooling system, and the windshield wipers. And from there, you will need to know about the serpentine belt, the tensioner pulley, as well as the main pulleys. It's impossible to give every definition here, but when you take it upon yourself to fix a car, the best way to become acquainted with the complexities is to go from the most important components and break it down from there. So, like the drive belt being one of the most important aspects that determine the functioning of so many other things, you have an ideal starting point.

    There are many problems we can fix ourselves, and when we don't feel confident enough, this is when we can either hand it to the mechanic who will overcharge us, or we can take it upon ourselves. Now, we can't fix everything ourselves, so we have to pick our battles. But the more you delve into this and get a real interest in the complexities of cars in general, you develop a real appreciation for what it can and cannot do, which will directly impact your driving experience for the better.


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