Car Out Of Commission? Here’s How To Cope!

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    For the vast majority of us, being left unable to drive either from accident or injury would be hugely disruptive to our lives. After all, it's how we move around our local area, get to work, and ensure that our families can reach locations like school and the doctor's’ office. Luckily, even if you do find yourself in a situation where your vehicle is out of commission, there are some steps you can take to cope. Read on to find out what they are.

    Rework your schedule

    First of all, it may be necessary to rework yours and your family schedule to cope without a vehicle. This may include organizing a lift to work or school, or even if it's more convenient negotiating being able to work remotely or from home. It may even mean canceling certain regular activities if getting there is too far and you cannot use Ubers or taxis as a replacement in the meantime.

    Although, it is worth noting that this can be very disruptive to your lives, especially for kids that are used to attending after-school clubs and organizations as extracurricular activities. Therefore, if it seems as if you will be without your car for a reasonable period of time, arranging an alternative is always a better option.

    Use public transport

    Next, if you find yourself without a vehicle, you may wish to use public transport instead to get you where you need to go. Obviously, though people that live in built up and urban areas will have the advantage here, as there are likely to be more buses, tubes, and train routes available.


    Also, if you do plan on using public transport remember, that it is often much more economical to buy a weekly, monthly or season ticket, depending on the length of time you will be without a car.

    Repair or replace your vehicle

    Of course, most of us would hope that our vehicle won't be out of commission long enough to need to radically change the way we use transport in our day to day lives. What this means is that any repairs, or doing your research to help you decide on a replacement from the huge numbers on the market needs to be actioned quickly.

    Sadly, one thing that can hold up this processes is finding the money for the work that needs to be done. Although, if you were involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, it is possible to take credit out for this purpose and then claim the costs back as a part of the compensation package you ask for in court.

    Obviously, to win such a court battle, you will need a lawyer like Ivan M. Diamond that is experienced in the area of car accident claims. The benefit of this being that they will also be able to argue for any medical or loss of earning expenses that you incurred from the accident as well.

    On your bike!

    Lastly, do not rule out cycling as your primary form of transport while your vehicle is out of action. After all, it's eco-friendly, a great
    form of exercise, and can be vastly cheaper than shelling out on taxis and public transport. Especially if you expect your car to be back in the garage in the near future.

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