The Perfect Road Trip

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    Most of us use a car daily for things like school pick-up and drop off, going to work, and the groceries on the weekend. It might have once been that amazing thing that could take you anywhere you wanted to go, but now it is the place you sit waiting. So, perhaps it’s time to cut that weekend grocery drive out, and head out on a road trip - after all life is short, and there is a lot to see and do. While it might be nice to drive off into the sunset for a while, the chances are that isn’t going to be possible. So let’s talk about that one-day perfect drive.

    Pick a Spot

    Most countries have amazing motorways and access to beaches, lakes, woods, and city centers. What are you in the mood for? What do you want to see? Try and take into consideration what your car can actually manage, and how much gas you can afford. Head out as early as you can to make the most of the day.


    Well, if you have decided on a weekend, then you’re going to need at least a change of underwear as for the rest? Well, think about a rain mac, spare pair of shoes or walking boots if that fits with what you have planned. Hats never go wrong either. You should have a first aid kit in your car, but you should also pack a torch, spare batteries, tissues and hair ties.

    Keep a list of essential numbers handy, your insurance, the numbers for the local law enforcement, emergency services and just in case you need it, the number for car injury lawyers.  

    Make sure you have snacks, small things like nuts and crisps are easy to eat while driving and bottles of water with sports caps are great too.


    Part of the utter joy of driving is having a playlist going, singing loudly and relaxing into the drive. If you’re going on a road trip, then don’t risk the radio when you just don’t have to. Losing signal as you drive is frustrating, and you should be concentrating on the road, so fiddling with tuners isn’t ideal. Hook your phone up to your car via a cable or a Bluetooth connection and you skip that issue altogether. iTunes, Spotify, and even AudioBooks can all provide the perfect background to your drive. It might be worth sitting down at your computer and curating the songs that you want to hear as you drive.

    A to Z

    Are you going to leave the smartphone upside down and out of view? Or are you going to be using it to navigate instead of the more tradition map? The choice is yours, but if you do opt for that good old paper map, then mark your route very clearly, and have it in plain view. This is very much a personal preference - how comfortable are you glancing at a folded up map in comparison to glancing at a screen?


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