Feeling Secure On The Road Is The Basis Of Good Driving

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago
    Drive a considerable distance from point A to point B in your daily life, and you’ll likely agree that many examples of bad driving will likely show themselves to you. You might be cut off, or you might see someone subtly swerving from side to side, or a vehicle that is well past the point of repair. All of this can culminate in you feeling relatively unhappy and worried about driving, particularly if you’ve only recently become qualified. Feeling secure on the road is the basis of good driving however, and to counteract the issues that might show themselves to you, it’s important to know how this is applied.

    Feeling secure on the road isn’t comprised of a series of mental tricks to help you feel safe. Feeling safe is one thing, but knowing you’re safe can contribute to a feeling of preparedness, of the ability to stay alert, and ultimately enjoy the driving experience. This can cement your habits as positive for life, so it’s important to respect these efforts well.

    Consider how you might feel secure on the road by good action:

    Solid Insurance

    First of all, you need to be financially protected if something happens. While the personal cost of an accident is potential injury and potentially gaining trauma that needs to be worked through (and this could be considered a light consequence,) the added financial difficulty can truly throw a spanner in the works of your life. Thankfully, road insurance is absolutely a legal requirement. 

    This is why excellent cover is necessary, even if you’re hit by someone without insurance. Of course, being protected doesn’t give you the right to drive recklessly by any measure. Quite the contrary. But having the best package you can afford is essential. When you’re insured correctly, you do feel a sense of financial safety net of some sort. But no good insurance package is worthwhile without the ability to drive save. For that, you need:

    Road Confidence

    Road confidence is the opposite of speeding or acting like a bully on the road. Instead it’s the ability to take decisive action to get out of a troublesome scenario, or to defend your vehicle and yourself when encountering someone who might be using bully tactics such as tailgating, or the ability to keep up the appropriate speed where required. This is why it pays to be alert no matter what. Road confidence means knowing the capabilities of your vehicle. It means staying under the speed limit but not being overly cautious, as too slow is just as dangerous as too fast for some arterial roads.

    Road confidence means checking all mirrors with diligence. It means checking your surroundings twice before making a move. It can mean turning off if encountering someone with bad intentions on the road. It can also mean keeping your head when someone is experiencing road rage and choosing to express that towards you. It can also mean being confident enough to simply be neutral and ask for information firmly if knocked into, instead of getting into a deep argument at the side of the road. Just like real life, true confidence is the ability to stay competent, and to know what you’re doing. When you have that power in mind, it’s much easier for you to develop a keener road sense. This road sense understands that driving well is not something you ever ‘complete.’ It’s something you must keep up on, and you are only ever as a good as your last foray onto the roads.

    Road confidence is also the ability to show good etiquette when driving, to let people out of their turn if you have the space to do so, and to stay humble for your time to enter a junction or switch lanes. It means finding a car space, but not bullying another car out of the way. It also means keeping a positive internal environment inside your vehicle, by ensuring your car rules are followed. This might mean not allowing overly loud music to be played, anyone to even think about unhooking their seat belt, or any form of smoking or drinking. Feeling secure on the road is the basis of good driving. So be sure confidence informs that security.

    Safety Over All

    Safety overall is essential to build. This might mean having your seatbelts replaced diligently in your vehicle by a professional service. It means paying immediately for a chip in your windscreen to be repaired no matter what. It also means regular servicing, the ability to learn car maintenance, and the willingness to treat your car with respect.

    Legal Services

    Knowing how to litigate is essential if experiencing some form of conflict from a bad driver. A great law firm in your local area is essential to contact, because they will often know your district like the back of their hand, and perhaps certain road environments that cause trouble or cases similar to yours handled before. As such, be sure to view the ‘our location’ page for the law firm online, as this can give you a deeper knowledge of just what it is that’s offered.

    Solid Theory Knowledge

    It’s quite amazing to remember that most people qualify to drive in their late teenage years. Throughout their entire life, if they aren’t involved in any form of road conflict or accident, they likely won’t experience another form of road training for decades. This means that the nicher signs to experience on the road might be forgotten. It means certain road markings might lose their familiarity. It means bad habits will build in your driving efforts. This can be essential to rectify, lest you let those issues creep back and cause you potential harm.

    In other words, we recommend testing yourself on your theory knowledge each year. Ensure any kinks are ironed out correctly. We’d also suggest that if you can, taking a refresher driving course once every five years can keep you active and understanding of the road rules, and can also help you learn to retain or improve your current driving behaviours. It just makes the road safer for everyone.

    With these tips, you’re sure to remain the excellent driver you are.

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