How To Get Your Kids Ready For Drivers Ed

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    If your kids are finally hitting that age where it’s time to start thinking about them started driver’s ed, then you might want to start preparing them early. Learning to drive is an incredibly scary process and with absolutely no preparation beforehand you may find that your children more likely to be nervous and anxious during their lessons. Wouldn’t you be if you didn’t know what to expect?

      Have Them Watch Video Tutorials

    If you are worried that your kids are going to find it difficult to learn, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube that can prepare them for their first lesson. Whether it’s just to calm your children down and show them what to expect in their first few lessons, or you want them to start getting the hang of technical terms, _online video tutorials are a great way for your kids to get a head start.

      Take Them Out On The Road Yourself

    If your child has their learners permit then they’ll be able to go out on the road as long as they have someone with them that knows how to drive. Taking them out to a quiet carpark or estate to learn the basics before their first lesson is a great way to prepare them. If you’re able to, this is something you can continue to do throughout their driver’s ed lessons.

      Get Them To Take A Online Driver’s Ed Course

    There are lots of different Driver’s Ed courses online that your child can take alongside their lessons. If you think they may need a little bit of extra help, this could be a great option. For more information, visit Educated Driver.

      Talk Them Through Your Actions As You Drive Them On A Day To Day Basis

    If you’re regularly in the car with your kids, starting to talk them through the actions you’re taking as you drive is a great way for them to start learning before they sit in the driver's seat themselves. They’ll soon get used to hearing you do certain things, meaning they’ll be a the forefront of their mind when they’re driving.

    If you don’t drive but you want them to get this kind of experience, why not speak to a trusted friend and ask them if they can go out driving with your kids and show them the ropes?

      Start Them Off Slow, And Build Up

    If you know your children are going to be nervous about starting driver’s ed and getting behind the wheel, starting them off small might be the best option. Whether it’s a lesson around a beginners course before they head out onto the road, or taking the time to talk them through things one by one - _they’ll be grateful for your support.

      Teach Them Rules Of The Road

    Although these are taught throughout school and education, it’s always important to reiterate them as they get older.

    Are your kids going to be learning to drive soon? Let us know if you use any of our tips on the comments section below.


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