Keeping Your Teen Safe On The Roads

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    When your son or daughter passed their driving test the first thing they want to do is just get out there and drive. At this point it is best to just take them aside and advise them on a few things they may come across when driving. They may think you are mithering them or they think you don’t trust them but at the end of the day if it stops them making a mistake and keeps them safe then it’s worth it.

    Here are a few things that would be good to discuss with your newly licensed teen.

    Teach them the importance of not drinking and driving

    This could be one of the most important things to discuss with a newly licensed driver, if there is anything they take away from your talk with them let it be this. Even if they are teens and they are not legally allowed to drink they always find a way. You need to make them aware of the consequences that driving under the influence causes, if they are caught and given a DUI (driving under the influence) then they will lose their license, get a fine, have to go to DUI classes and they could even be given jail time. Driving under the influence doesn’t just affect them either, it affects their family and also anyone else and their family that may be involved in a collision caused by their drink driving. Your teen may be a good person and know not to drink and drive but in this day and age a lot of peer pressure is thrown around and this may lead to them just thinking they can do it that once to look cool or not be bullied but they need to be made to realise that it can take only take that one time to turn their life upside down.

    Teach them about car care

    As Well as looking after themselves and others on the road while driving, a crucial part of staying safe while driving is keeping your vehicle safe. If you do not maintain your car then it can lead to critical failures which then cause frailties in the car leading to a possible accident while driving. If you don’t look after your car all sorts can go wrong especially if making any long journeys. Checking the oil and tyre pressures is a good idea before any long journeys, also make sure your washer fluid is topped up so that if there is any dirt on the roads or dust you can clean your windscreen and see where you are going. Also make sure they have the annual services on the vehicle, so any issues with the vehicle such as rust or mechanical failure can be picked up on and resolved. They will also be able to check the tyres for baldness as well which can be crucial in keeping you safe when braking.

    Show them how to drive safely in bad weather

    If they are doing their driving lessons and test in the summer then it is very unlikely they will be able to get any hands on experience driving in bad weather conditions. So when the winter roles around it is a good idea to take them out and talk them through how to cope in the bad conditions. You can talk them through how to setup the car for the conditions such as different tyres for more grip or tyre chains for the snow. It’s also best to make them aware of using antifreeze in their windscreen wash to stop any freezing up on the windscreen and also to help with defrosting on the cold mornings. Any bad weather can cause issues while driving whether it be winding buffeting the car or rain impeding your view, all these things will impact you while driving so when they are first going out in the bad weather it is best to go with them so they have a back up if anything goes wrong or if they panic for any reason.

    Although your teen will be so happy with their new found freedom and license, they need to be made aware of the responsibility they are taking on in regards to keeping themselves and other road users safe. As Long as they take something away from the points raised above they will at least be a little safer than they were before. The key is to keep at them and make them take in what you are trying to tell them as it could save their life.


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