Should You Leave Your Car In The Garage During Week Days?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago

    For the majority of us, hopping in the car is a daily activity. Even if we work in the city we live in, most of us drive to the office. Many of us even get behind the wheel to head to the shops at the end of the road. What can you say; it’s a habit you couldn’t help but get into. And, the number of cars on our roads suggest that you aren’t the only one.

    But, with city congestion at an all-time high, incentives to stop getting behind the wheel keep cropping up. Alternatives like scooters and public transportation are fighting for attention. Some states even offer benefits for those who cycle rather than driving to work. 

    This may have you wondering whether you should set your car aside during weekdays. Vehicle ownership is still fantastic for things like road trips and long drives. But, it may well be worth keeping that garage door closed from Monday to Saturday. This is especially the case if you face the following on a regular basis. 

    Your commute takes far longer than it should

    City congestion is beyond a joke. It can take you an hour to commute three blocks. You could walk faster than that! While exertion might not be your favorite, it’s a step worth taking. Even hopping on the tube could see you arriving at work in half the time. Stop taking the easy option which isn’t so easy. Instead, look for alternatives which could see you getting an extra hour in bed.

    You’re forever guzzling fuel

    Fuel costs also tend to do nothing but rise, and they’re your second incentive. Waiting in traffic or crawling at a snail’s pace can guzzle fuel like nothing else. If you add it up, the chances are that you spend a significant amount here. So much so that you may start to question why you work. You’re spending all your wages to arrive at the office each day! Using options like the electric scooters recommended on ScooterAdviser instead could save you a fortune here. As long as you remember to charge up at home, you’ll be good to go without needing to spend a penny all week. 

    You keep losing your parking space

    We did say to keep your car in the garage, but that was obviously a metaphor. No one in the city has a garage. Instead, the chances are that you park in any space you can find on the street. The trouble is, you seem to arrive after everyone else, and you can never find a spot. Even if you do find a prime place to park your car, you can bet it’ll be gone next time that you arrive home. Why not bagsy that space by leaving your car in it during those busy weeks? You can bet things will calm down again by the time you head out on the weekend. Then, you’ll be able to park up in a prime spot ready for next Saturday.


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