Top Causes of Car Accidents - Are You Guilty?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    The impact of a car accident is far-reaching, like loss of earnings, hospitalization, long-term injury and of course, even death. There are so many things to consider in a crash. But, do you know the top causes of car accidents? Do you think that you might be guilty of any of them? It is never too late to tighten up your driving habits and kick any bad habits to the curb. By understanding what causes most accidents, you can lower your chances of being involved in a collision.

    The number one cause of car accidents isn’t what you might think. It is simply driving while distracted. Simple things like running a red light, or looking down for a moment and not seeing the car in front of you braking. The top distractions are:

      Mobile phones being used for music/satnav


      Things falling from the passenger chair


      Talking on a mobile

    When you take driving lessons, you will rare look at anything else other than the road and your mirrors. It’s time to get back into that habit.

    The speed limit isn’t a goal. Just because a road says, 70 or 80 doesn’t mean you actually have to hit that (and certainly not go beyond that). Instead, you should use your judgment and see other factors like is it raining? Is black ice possible? Even on an average day, going over the speed limit to any degree will give you less time to react when it really counts. Speed kills and adhering to the speed limit is an easy way to avoid a car accident.

    People who have a couple of beers and think they are okay to drive. Not only will you be needing a DUI lawyer, but you will be lucky not to cause a severe collision. Losing the ability to focus and drastically reducing your reaction times while operating your vehicle. Perhaps quite surprisingly, even with the knowledge of what can happen when drink driving it is still one of the top causes of collisions.

    Weather conditions can have a significant impact on your ability to drive. More so if your car is just not equipped to tackle certain conditions. If there has been a lot of rain on the roads, and you are a little heavy footed you might find yourself aquaplaning, or not being able to stop in time. To avoid an accident when it is raining - drive a little slower than average and pay closer attention to other drivers around you. The snow and ice can also cause havoc on the road. The snow can cover deep potholes, and cause issues with visibility. Ice can be invisible and if you are traveling a little too fast and you hit a patch your ability to control the car is almost nonexistent.

    Once we pass our driving tests, we tend to become lazy and sink into bad habits. Try to keep yourself up to date with rules and regulations and even the newest theory testing and driving test technology.


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