“It Wasn’t My Fault!” - Are The Other Drivers On The Road Really To Blame?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

    It's something that forever adds to our anxiety when we’re out on the road, the other drivers. But as we get used to the roads, and make the same journeys each and every day, it can be a surprise when we encounter other road users that appear to be dangerous. It's easy for us to play the blame game, but are the other drivers actually to blame, and never us? Let's have a look.

    It's Easy To Blame Others

    It's just a fact of life. It's far easier for us to place blame on others because we never think we do anything wrong. And being safe behind the wheel, where we let good habits slide and bad habits increase, whenever we encounter somebody who was not dancing to our tune, we can place the blame because we'll never see them again! But also, we need to think about the fact that other people continue to blame us for their problems, so what do we do? We blame them back. The blame game is just something that self-perpetuating.

    How Would The Insurance Company View It?

    What if you got into an accident? As there is a debate of the right of way, not to mention the fact that there are people forever distracted when they're behind the wheel, we'd have to look at how the insurance company would view it. When you assign blame for an accident, there are two legal concepts that come up, contributory negligence and comparative negligence. You can find out more about these on sites like BraunsLaw.com, and we know, deep down that we've caused a near miss, but because we've got away with it once, we think we can get away with it again and again!

    We've Got To Address Our Own Issues

    Rather than apportioning blame on other drivers, the only thing we have control over is ourselves. We can go through life blaming other drivers for issues that resulted in near misses, and sometimes it's apparent it is others at fault. But what so many of us can suffer from is after we pass our driving test, that we “don't need to learn” anymore. Driving is a constant learning experience. But we have to remember that, the first year after we pass our driving test is when we are more likely to get in an accident. So the next time anybody causes a near miss, it's easy to say that there are idiots all over the road, but it's better to focus on our own abilities behind the wheel. Reacting quickly, and following the rules of the road are simple things we can all abide by rather than resorting to road rage. In fact, on TheOdysseyOnline.com there are some humorous representations of the various components of road rage that is worth looking at. Which category do you fall into?

    Are the other drivers really to blame? No. We can't do anything to change their habits. Instead, if we look at making our own skills better every time we get behind the wheel, we will learn. So the next time you're out and you have a near miss, take yourself out of the situation and think about your actions.


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