Cars vs Motorcycles: The Ultimate Comparison

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    Cars and motorcycles are both excellent in their own right. This blog post isn’t going to be a comparison in which we decide which is better, it’s more of a chance to look at how they differ from one another. Hopefully, this will give an insight into both vehicle types, which may help some of you decide which one you like best.

    There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s just jump right into it:


    You can definitely get cars that are extremely quick and have rapid acceleration. But, these tend to be sports cars or supercars, rather than just your generic daily drivers. With motorcycles, you only ever get speed. This is one of the unique selling points of this vehicle; you’re allowed to go very fast on them.

    It all comes down to the power to weight ration on a typical motorcycle. Think about it, these things are so much lighter than cars, which is why they can reach ridiculous speeds and offer unrivaled acceleration. Again, you will find cars out there with insane top speeds and acceleration stats, but the general rule is that motorcycles are faster.

    If this is something that matters deeply to you, then a motorcycle could be your vehicle of preference. They’re certainly associated with thrill-seeking, which is pretty much the number one reason people choose to buy a motorbike!


    Right away, I think the general consensus is that cars are the safer option. You’re surrounded by a protective shell, and you’re on four wheels instead of two. While motorcycles are safe - if you know how to ride one and do so correctly - there’s no denying that they present greater risks. Their natural speed and acceleration mean that it only takes the slightest nudge or touch for a motorcycle to crash and leave you in a heap.

    In essence, this brings us onto another safety point; motorcycle injuries tend to be worse than car crash ones. Again, this is because you aren’t as protected when you ride a motorbike. This is often reflected in the fact that you get a lot more compensation for motorcycle crash injuries, as you’re likely to end up with higher medical bills. Plus, modern cars are built with so many extra safety features - like motion sensors, automatic braking, and just generally more robust bodies. So, this further gives them the edge over motorcycles in this department.

    However, make no mistake about it, you can still drive a motorcycle and end up in zero crashes. Naturally, a huge aspect of what makes something safe is the driver/rider. If you’re sensible, then you won’t end up in any danger. But, cars are generally safer, which is one of the reasons they’re the vehicle of choice for families.


    While the first two comparisons have been pretty clear, this one is a little bit harder to call. The obvious answer is to say that cars are more practical. They’ve got more space to carry around more people, along with room in the trunk for shopping or suitcases. Plus, they are more practical to drive in adverse weather conditions, whereas you’ll get soaked riding a motorcycle in the rain.

    However, you can argue that motorcycles are incredibly practical in their own right as well. In terms of getting from A to B as quickly as possible, they’re a better option. They’re also far more practical in high traffic areas as you can weave through the rows of cars and get all the way to the front. Plus, you still have enough storage space for a bit of shopping, and there’s room for one other person on the back as well.

    Realistically, they’re both practical for different reasons. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in a vehicle. If you need a family vehicle with lots of space, then cars are more practical for you. But, if you’re just looking for something to take you from place to place - on your own - then a motorcycle might actually be more practical.

    Comfort/Driving Experience

    I’ve lumped comfort and driving experience under one heading as they kind of relate to one another. Cars tend to be comfortable, which gives you a pleasant driving experience. You can definitely sit back and relax more when you’re in a car - particularly if there’s a long stretch of road ahead of you. Of course, some cars are far more comfortable than others, which brings the suspension and seats into account. But, from a pure comfort perspective, I think they have the edge over motorcycles.

    Having said that, while motorbikes might be slightly uncomfortable in bad weather, they do offer a unique driving experience. There’s a thrill that comes with riding a motorcycle that you’ll rarely match in a car. In fact, I really don’t think it can be matched. Even the thrill of driving a supercar pales in comparison to riding a superbike.

    Again, it’s one of those things where it depends what you’re after. If comfort is what you want out of your driving experience, then a car comes out on top. If you want a heart-pounding thrill, then motorcycles are your best bet.

    Running Costs

    This one can be debated, but it’s worth noting that motorcycles - on average - cost a lot less to run than cars. Their smallness comes into play here; there are fewer parts, meaning fewer things can go wrong, so lower servicing costs. Plus, a lot of bikes are more economical, which saves on fuel as well.

    The only debate is that you do get some cars that are exceptionally low-cost to run. Electric vehicles are cheaper to service, and you save so much money on fuel. Those supermini cars are usually very cheap to run as well - but you have large gas guzzlers that cost loads to look after!

    It’s kind of a toss-up here as it depends on what type of car/motorcycle you compare. But, if we go by the average costs, then motorcycles are more affordable to run.

    Right, that concludes this ultimate comparison between cars and motorcycles. Like I said at the beginning, they’re both excellent options. But, this post should help you decide which option is best for you if you’re currently torn between the two!


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