How to Make Driving Your Car More Enjoyable

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    Driving shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should be enjoyable! But like most things in life, this isn’t going to happen automatically. You need to make it so. Fortunately, in this day and age there are enough products, services, and other useful bits of advice that’ll have you enjoying your time behind the wheel. Below, we take a look at nine ways to boost your driving experience.

    Upgrade Your Seat

    Many people focus on making the exterior of their car presentable and in tip-top condition, but it’s really the interior that counts. This is where you spend your time with your car -- the exterior is for other people, the interior is for you. One area that should be of particular importance is your driver’s seat, and, to a lesser extent, the passenger seats. If you’re finding that it’s not all that enjoyable to be in your car for multiple hours on end, then look at getting a car cushion, or changing out the seat altogether for something more comfortable. It’ll be a game changer.

    Keep Things Clean

    You know how satisfying it is to be in a freshly tidied room? The same can be applied to your vehicle. If your car is beginning to pick up dirt and grime, then eventually spending extended periods of time in there will begin to feel, well, a little gross. While people are generally good at taking out their used coffee cups and take away food bags, many leave it too long between deep cleans. Make a habit of going over your car thoroughly with a vacuum every few weeks or so. It might seem like a lot of effort, but it’ll be worth it for the increased enjoyment it makes driving.

    Clutter Free

    It’s not only cleanliness that you should concern yourself with. There’s also the matter of clutter, which influences the comfort levels of your car but often in a less direct way. Like in the home, clutter is one of those things that can seem normal but actually has a subtly oppressive influence. The things that you should have in your vehicle are limited; in terms of “ever presents,” it’s really only an emergency kit. Nothing else should call your car it's permanent home. If you have a bunch of CDs rolling around on the floor, look at converting them to MP3 files -- it’s much easier to manage digital files.

    Managing the Temperature

    There’s only a couple of brief periods during the year when the car’s temperature seem to look after themselves: late summer and late spring. Every other time, it’s too cold or too hot, and if you’re not able to regulate the temperature, then you’re going to struggle to enjoy being in your vehicle, no matter how good it may be. If your car’s A/C system isn’t working as it should be, then look at getting it repaired by a company like Certified Car Clinic before the heat of summer arrives. It’s impossible to take one of those glorious, life-affirming road trips without having an A/C system to take the edge of the heat.

    Cup Holders

    You read the title correctly -- we mean cup holders, as in a place to put your cups. The rise of these tiny pieces of plastic has been dramatic; some new cars now have close to twenty (which is, admittedly, probably taking things too far) and how many a vehicle has a disproportionate effect on people’s decision whether to buy or not. If you’re lagging behind in this area, then look at buying something independently; they’re easily attached to your car. You might not think that they’ll make a big impact on how much you enjoy your vehicle, but you’ll notice the improvement when you’re in charge of the coffee run.

    On Hand Snacks

    If you’re one of those people who spend too many hours a week behind the wheel of their car, then you’ll be familiar with the process of having to pull over to buy snacks before hunger has kicked in. But while it can be fun to pull over and grab some snacks from services, there is a problem. By the time you decide to stop, you’ve reached peak hunger level, which means you make unwise purchases (which usually aren’t good for you). If you keep a few snacks in your vehicle, you’ll be able to keep the intense hunger levels at bay.

    Regular Maintenance

    To drive in peace, you need to have confidence that everything’s working as it should. Cars don’t last forever, of course, but even newer vehicles can have problems. One of the best ways to have peace of mind is to have the car regularly serviced by a professional mechanic. They’ll be able to iron out any issues before they become bigger problems. It’s much better to drive feeling safe and secure rather than wondering what that strange clicking sound that’s coming from the engine is.

    Infotainment Systems

    There’s been a lot of progress made in the automotive world in recent years. Cars are generally safer, more carefully designed, and, yes, more entertaining too. If your infotainment system isn’t quite up to scratch, then look at getting it updated. You don’t need to be relying on CDs or paper maps when you can have a system that plays digital tracks and displays a map right in front of you.

    Handling The Stress Of The Road

    You might enjoy being in the vehicle, where you control everything, but on the road? That can be a different story. There, it’s not just you that influences your enjoyment...there’s all the other drivers too. And yup, they can get annoying, especially when there are so many people on the road that you’re just sat still for longer than you’d like. You can’t, however, win in your fight against the roads! As such, you’ll need to find a way to manage that rising anger, such as practicing meditation -- the only person you’re hurting when you react to the stresses of the road is yourself!


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