What To Do If Your Child Is In A Car Accident

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    When your child begins driving, we often need to prepare for the worst but expect the best from them. But we also know that no matter how much they practice, how sensible they are on the roads, or how well they can drive, that there is the chance they might experience some form of accident. This is a worst-case scenario, and we’ve knocked on wood that you or your child will never have to experience this throughout their whole driving career. But well-wishes and hopes don’t help much when the event has just taken place. Instead, you want to know what to do.

    Thus, this advice needs to be easily-acted upon, memorable, and effective. Anything else is simply wasting time when time is of the essence. When writing about these topics, it’s extremely important to add little fluff. Your emotional maintenance depending on the crash can be guided elsewhere, but we intend to offer you the most concise advice without losing anything in quality. So let us begin:

    Aim For Contact, Or Contact Their Friends

    The first thing to do is contact them or their friends, and try to locate where they are. Try to find the hospital they might be in, or to help them sort their information out for the insurance agencies. Document the crash if you’re there in time. If not, ask for the evidence. It’s important to try and help them manage the issues as competently as possible, because in their shocked state they might have trouble recalling details or navigating their way through this problem in the most reliable manner. Also, be sure to notice the friends who are also making this effort. They are the people who truly care about your child.

    Don’t Penalize Them

    Don’t penalize them. It’s too easy to get angry if they have caused a crash, or have been involved in one. You might wish to tell them ‘I told you so’ one thousand times, or to get angry at the opposite party. This doesn’t help. Remain as detached as you can while you sort out the important paperwork and care for their safety. They can learn the error of their ways at a later date. Right now is the time to ensure all i’s have been dotted and all t’s have been crossed.

    Help Them Litigate

    If they were the victim of a negative driver, help them litigate. Hire a personal injury lawyer to ensure they are given the fairest and most accurate representation possible. It could potentially help them eschew the costs of repairing or writing off a vehicle, as well as the hit to the insurance plan. If you can also verifiably prove that the accident wasn’t your child’s fault, they may be able to avoid harsh penalties on their license. But first, before blindly defending your child, be sure you accurately see where blame might lay.

    With these tips, you’re sure to navigate this unfortunate time well.


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