An SUV Can Look After Your Pet And Kids

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 8 months ago

    The first time you begin to consider your choice of vehicle is when you are on the path to land your dream job. Instinctively, you know that you want your car to make a positive impression on your future employer, without outshining their car. It’s a matter of looking adequate but not better than the boss’s vehicle.

    The second time your choice of vehicle makes a difference to your lifestyle is when you have children, or pets, or both. You need a car that can take away the stress of commuting with your family. You want a car that can look after your family as best as you can. Consequently, your purchase is dictated by a long list of criteria, all as important as the other. Safety plays, of course, a significant role in your selection, but don’t be fooled into thinking that a vehicle that has passed the safety test with flying colors will cover all your requirements. On the contrary, you need to picture the journey from the perspective of your children and your pets. Consequently, elements of comfort, entertainment, roominess, equipment and driving assistance need to be considered carefully. That’s precisely why an SUV is the perfect choice for families.

    Keeping the kids occupied

    It might sound silly at first to make your children’s entertainment a priority, but any parent who’s been stuck on a long journey with grumpy and whining kids can confirm that entertainment is vital for your sanity. You don’t want to try to keep your eyes on the road while the kids are fighting or screaming in the back seats, or repeatedly asking whether you’ve already arrived at destination. No parent enjoys the dramas of a long journey with children, but unfortunately, you can’t blame them. They naturally have a short attention span. Therefore, it’s important to pack some travel games to keep the back seat happy. You can find compact versions of the classic board games, such as Travel Monopoly. Similarly, an iPad also offers fun gaming options, as well as a storage place for audio stories that can be downloaded ahead of the journey. SUVs generally have handy storage compartments, in the doors, under the seats, and under the floor, which makes it a lot easier for you to pack toys and snacks for your disruptive passengers on the back seats! Additionally, you’re more likely to find plugs and loading station facilities for your electronic devices, which means that kids can play for hours on the tablet without worrying about running out of battery.

    Small but powerful features

    When you live in a busy urban area, it can be tricky to purchase an SUV, which tends to be a space-demanding vehicle. Ultimately, if you need to drive a couple of times around the block to find a parking space, an XXL SUV can add an extra load of stress to your routine. Thankfully, there are other options. For instance, you can find a compact SUV like the Hyundai Kona, which offers a more manageable vehicle for small families. If Fido doesn’t need a lot of room at the back, you’ll be happy with a compact SUV that has less cargo space but more maneuverability! More to the point, you’ll find that SUVs tend to be provided with superior interior equipment compared to other vehicles within the same price range. It’s not uncommon to get USB ports, Bluetooth, Apple, and Android compatible car systems and touch screen in the standard models. Ultimately, you need to think of your equipment in terms of how it will affect the journey with children, such as having the option to play their favorite songs by linking your phone to the car.

    Relax, you can crash happy

    While crashing might not be on the top of your list, it’s reassuring to know that SUVs are predominantly safer than sedans. Indeed, comparatively speaking an SUV passenger is 50% more likely to survive a car crash without any serious injuries. More importantly, SUVs are specially equipped to keep young passengers safe, as they are reinforced to handle the impact. However, it’s worth noting that the SUV higher center of gravity gives drivers a safer position; you can see much further on the road than if you were in a sedan. As a result, it’s fair to assume that SUV drivers have a better chance of avoiding accidental collisions. However, because you are much higher on the road, the vehicle is more likely to roll over in case of strong winds. Nevertheless, knowing the risks can make you more cautious about driving in dangerous weather conditions!

    Put your pet’s needs first

    If you have a large dog, you need to make their comfort a priority in choosing your vehicle. More often than not, hatchbacks are a terrible choice for large breeds. But space isn’t the only feature you need to consider! Indeed, you need a car that offers a comfortable trunk height, as dogs can struggle with trunks that are too high from the ground. Additionally, you should also look into electric windows options – as your pet will need to get some fresh air during the journey. Quality suspensions can make a great deal of difference to the comfort of your furry friend. Besides, it’s worth noting that cars with poor suspensions can make your dog feel sick during the ride! Finally, you might want to add a pet crate at the back to protect your animal. Ultimately, you’ll find that SUVs and SUV-like vehicles such as the Citroen C4 Cactus, for instance, meet all your requirements. Large families can also opt for a roomy estate instead, depending on the number of seats you need.

    Additional comfort for long journeys

    Last, but not least, an SUV provides all the comfort you and your family needs in terms of finances – they tend to be better equipped and less fuel-hungry than other vehicles –, roominess, and off-road journeys too.  And if you’ve booked a remote rental for the holiday, your SUV is the best car to get you there quickly and without any back pain!

    It’s no surprise that SUVs are so popular. They offer the best answer for busy families who can’t afford to buy an estate in a small town but who need all the room and comfort they can get for their kids and pets. Besides, you’re more likely to get a lot more for your money with an SUV!


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