Road Trip Safety Tips

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    When you’re setting off on a road trip, arriving safely at your destination should be your number one priority. It’s all too easy to forget basic road safety when you’re rushing to beat the traffic but with these handy tips, you can ensure your road trip goes smoothly…

    1. Make sure you’re well-rested

    Driving when you’re tired can be as dangerous as driving when you’re drunk or under the influence of drugs. Tired drivers are responsible for approximately 1,500 fatal collisions in Australia each year, and many thousands of serious, non-fatal accidents. To avoid incidents, make sure you’re well-rested before you leave and take plenty of breaks while you’re traveling.

    2. Take a map

    A GPS is a great way to get directions and plan your route, but it isn’t a substitute for an old-fashioned map. If your GPS malfunctions, runs out of battery or loses signal, you could be left without the crucial data you need. Keeping a map in the car ensures you can determine where you are and plot a safe and efficient route if you need to.

    3. Check your vehicle’s safe

    As well as having your car serviced regularly, you should carry out regular checks to ensure your car is roadworthy. This is particularly important before you set off on a road trip because breaking down could have serious consequences. If you’re traveling in remote locations, for example, running out of oil or getting a puncture could put your life in danger if you aren’t well-prepared. If you’re not sure what to check or how to do it, take your vehicle to a mechanic or auto shop before you leave.

    4. Locate your nearest auto shop

    When you’re plotting your intended route, make sure you pinpoint where the nearest mechanic or auto shop will be. Knowing, for example, there’s an Australia wide supplier for auto parts nearby will give you peace of mind when you’re traveling and it will ensure you’re able to access help with your vehicle if you need it. Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll need your vehicle to operate safely so knowing where the closest mechanic is located can be extremely worthwhile.

    5. Stock up before you leave

    Snacks are an essential part of a road trip and plenty of thought should be given to them beforehand! As well as treats to keep you happy, stock up on essential supplies and long-lasting but healthy food so that you always have something to hand. You may be planning to stop at a restaurant or drive-thru but car problems, heavy traffic, and closures could disrupt your plans. Having a decent supply of food, snacks and drinks will ensure you and your passengers won’t go hungry if you’re caught out.

    With the right safety precautions, road trips can safe, fun and exciting. Providing you plan your trip in advance and familiarize yourself with the terrain you’ll be traveling on, you and your passengers should have an unforgettable adventure. Remember – put safety first when you’re traveling on the road and your next road trip should be memorable for all the right reasons.

    Road Trip Safety Tips

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