Could Smarter Roads Mean Cheaper Insurance?

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    Most people interact with some sort of road each and every day. Whether you drive to work each morning, walk to school, or even just look out of one of your windows to start your day, you’re very likely to spend a lot of time around these tarmac strips. Despite being so incredibly common, though, there’s nothing very special about the surfaces which are designed for vehicles. Smarter roads are on the horizon in a lot of places, promising the chance to improve the way this sort of space is used. But, how exactly could this impact you and your car?

    What Makes a Road Smarter?

    There are a number of different features which can make for an intelligent transit system, with the first and most crucial being proper planning. When roads are laid out correctly, with the right junctions and signage in place, it can make them a whole lot safer. Along with planning, technology plays a key role in making roads smarter. New devices are hitting the market in a seemingly endless stream, with the market for policing and road safety being a very big one around the World.

    The sorts modern equipment which can make a road smart is different wherever you go. There are a huge amount of options out there, so this will be covering the most popular of them all. You can find some examples below.

    Contextual Signage: With display technology getting cheaper all the time, contextual signs are the way of the future. Changing to be easier to see, display information like driver speeds, or warn of threats up ahead, these devices are being trialed across the world.

    Cameras & Sensors: Video has changed the way road accidents are handled by police and insurance companies, with dash cams taking the world by storm. CCTV is improving to further benefit road users, with number plate recognition, monitoring in busy areas, and recordings to help if you ever need to dispute or claim.

    Navigation: Knowing exactly where each car on the road is positioned would be a sure way to end the challenge of road safety. Navigation systems are becoming valuable parts of smart road systems across the world.

    Sustainability: Solar panels, pressure generators, and a range of other sustainable power sources are being tested as integrations into roads. This could lower the price of fuel in the future, with vehicles being powered by the surface they’re moving on.

    The Benefits for Road Users

    Improving infrastructure like this isn’t free, and taxpayers will have to foot the bill for any work done on public roads, making it critical that people get something back from the roads which go through this process. More benefits are becoming clear as this area evolves, with increasingly high numbers of people having access to roads which bear this sort of mark.

    Improved Safety: Keeping safe is a major concern for a lot of drivers. Currently, speed control is the most powerful tool road experts have when it comes to limiting accidents. Contextual signs are making it easier to shame drivers for going above the limits which are in place, and cameras have long been used to catch people in the act, fining them automatically. In the near future, navigation systems are likely to be used as a way to physically limit the speed of a car, while also being able to stop accidents in their tracks. Some cars already have features like this built into themselves.

    Accountability: There are a lot of road crimes which aren’t accounted for, despite everyone having a number plate on their vehicle which should be traceable. With more cameras, especially those which can recognise faces and plates, this should start to move in the right direction. Companies like Compass Car can use evidence like this to improve your chances of winning legal battles, fighting for your innocence if someone is blaming you for a crash. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of roads still don’t have this feature, and a dash cam is a good way to solve this issue.

    Comfort & Joy: The future promises a lot when it comes to roads. If navigations systems are built in the way which companies are aiming for, traffic and congestion could become a thing of the past. With proper accountability in place, road rage would start to simmer down. Of course, though, you can’t forget about the warm feeling you’ll get knowing that your car is running on clean fuel. It’s going to take a little while for most roads to improve to this point, but you can read about the steps which are being taken across the web.

    Affordability: When people think about improvements to public services, saving money is probably the last thing which will be on their mind. As roads get smarter, though, you could stand to save a lot of money, with today’s accident accountability already impacting this area. Along with this, though, if roads start producing their own fuel, running you car will become more affordable. Being able to drive more efficiently will also stand to improve this, with smart navigation having the potential to remove stopping and starting from the equation.

    Safety is most people’s number one priority when it comes to road improvements. With people still dying in this part of society, it makes sense that limiting the risks should be on the top of the to-do list. Of course, though, this isn’t the only benefit which can come from roads which are being built up. Driving is going to get far easier as time goes on, and this makes it worth keeping an eye on this side of the market. New technology can come from nowhere.

    Hopefully, this post will give you a clear insight into the work which is being put into making the World’s roads safer. A lot of people have no idea of the way that roads are being shaped for the future, though this field is always on the move.


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