Brilliant Biking

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago

    You didn’t need much persuading when it came to giving up your car for a bike and nothing comes close to that feeling of blasting down the open road and the feeling of freedom it gives you. As if anything could make biking more fun! Well even if you can’t imagine how your daily commute could get any better, we bring you some gadgets that every biker will find hard to resist.


    Provide a kicking soundtrack to your travels with a pair of Bluetooth speakers that fit just right inside your helmet, giving you access to surround sound music while you drive. Pair them with your phone so your Spotify playlist is only a click away.


    If you take your bike abroad or are  always off exploring new territory then being able to capture the moment on a helmet mounted GoPro is the perfect tool for the job. If you’re biking takes you off road, then treat your YouTube fans to some exciting downhill footage shot on this high quality camera. It’s tough, waterproof and durable.


    Whatever you do, don’t compromise when it comes to protecting your head. There are plenty of options on the market but make sure the version you choose has been tested vigorously and fits you perfectly. You may want to check out snell helmets for some ideas.


    Alongside your helmet your protective clothing is just as important, from your properly fitting heated gloves that keep hands warm in those colder months, to body armour that goes a long way in protecting your back, neck and so on in the awful event of a collision.

    Go for clothes that breathe and don’t leave you feeling too sweaty but rather wick away moisture from your body, make sure they fit well and are all round tough, whether that’s a jacket or a pair of trousers. Whether you prefer separates or are looking for a sportier all-in-one suit, look for reputable dealers with a great reputation to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Make your protective equipment every bit as much of an investment as you do your bike and fun on board gadgets.

    You love your bike and rain or shine you’re out there looking for a good reason to travel and experience the freedom that only a motorbike can truly give you.

    By all means spend money on the fun gadgets and tech that make riding a bike so enjoyable but remember too that you need to invest your hard earned cash in clothes that keep you safe and warm throughout the year, including of course a helmet that allows great air flow and gives you great vision.

    Staying safe and having fun have got to be two of the best reasons you can have to ride a bike so get on your leathers, download that playlist, get the camera rolling and go explore on a machine that gives you the freedom for adventure.


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