Everything Drivers Need To Know How To Do

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago

    When you learn to drive and buy your own car, you will take on a lot of new responsibility. After all, it’s your job to ensure that you are always driving safely so that you aren’t putting yourself or any other road users in danger. Not only will this be down to good driving, but you will also need to make sure that you maintain your car and keep it in good working order. All of this will add up to more responsibility for you.

    The extra responsibility that you take on once you become a driver and car owner shouldn’t be something that worries you, though. None of it is particularly difficult. Here are a few things that all drivers need to know how to do. Once you’re all clued up, you will find that you become a better driver and that you find it easier to keep your car in much better condition.

    Change A Tire

    You never know when disaster might strike when it comes to your car’s tires. If you are unlucky and end up driving over some glass or something metal, then you might be completely shocked when you hear your tire burst. Of course, it’s not just sharp objects that you need to watch out for - you also need to be aware of the tread that’s on the outside of the tires too. This is the grooves that provide you with grip. The tread needs to be deep enough so that it provides plenty of grip - if it wears down a lot, you will need new tires. So, as you can see, there are a few different situations in which you might need to change a tire. If you are able to do this yourself, you will find that it is a lot cheaper than calling out a mechanic to do it for you.

    How To Act When Sliding

    Hopefully, you will never end up skidding and sliding when you are driving around! Just in case you do, though, it is important that you know exactly how to react in this situation. Otherwise, you might end up causing the car to skid even more and in the worst-case scenario, this will make you lose control. The first thing you need to do is to keep your eyes on the road rather than the thing you might be skidding towards. Then make sure you turn your wheels so that they are pointing towards the road. Then you can start to accelerate very carefully. This should help to straighten the car up and to bring it to a stop.

    Change The Water

    It is also essential that you know how to change the water in the car as well. That way, you will always have water available to spray up to the windscreen if it ever gets dirty when you are driving. Firstly, to be able to change the water, you just need to locate the car’s radiator and the opening into which you can pour the water. This is usually under the bonnet, but it will depend on your make of car. Ideally, you should check your water level ever 50,000 miles.

    Check Tire Pressure

    As well as knowing how to change a tire in the event of it bursting or a puncture, you should also know how to check the tire pressure. Even though some mechanics will do this for you if you visit them at their garage, it is still a worthy skill to have yourself. That way, you can do it yourself the next time you are passing a garage, and then you won’t have to wait until a mechanic is free. If your tire is slightly under the required pressure, you will need to inflate it slightly. Once the tires are at the correct pressure, then the car will grip a lot better on the roads, and there will be less chance of you getting a puncture.

    Put On A New Steering Wheel Cover

    Have you ever thought about putting a steering wheel cover on before? Even though it isn’t something that is super common, a lot of drivers are now starting to do so as it can really protect their steering wheel. The installation process is really simple so anyone can do this. Just make sure that you purchase one that can be stretched right over the steering wheel, as some need to be stitched on which can be a lot more complicated. There are many benefits of adding a steering wheel cover, but the main one has to be safety. That’s because you will get a better grip on the wheel, so will be able to control the car easily.

    Drive In Inclement Weather

    You never know what the weather is going to be like, especially throughout the fall and winter months. So, you need to be very confident when it comes to driving in inclement weather, such as snow storms and heavy rain. The only way you are going to grow in confidence when driving in inclement weather is to practice. So, next time it is raining, don’t be scared to go out in the car. Driving through the bad weather will help you improve your skills and grow in confidence.

    Control Your Temper

    Driving can sometimes be stressful. Even if you do your best to be a very chill and relaxed driver, there will be other road users who won’t be trying as hard to keep their temper under check. If you ever end up in an altercation with another road user, then you need to make sure that their bad mood doesn’t cause you to lose your temper. It could very quickly lead to road rage and the situation could get out of control. So, be sure to keep your temper under control so that you don’t ever get on the wrong side of another driver.

    Hopefully, you already know how to do most of these things so you can stay safe on the road!


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