Modern Vehicle, Modern Concerns: The Ways People Steal Cars Now

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    With every new car comes an abundance of up-to-date features. This is nothing new, but with more sophisticated tech in our cars comes more sophisticated methods of stealing the vehicle in question. It's not uncommon that car theft is on the rise as newer cars are more expensive and have all these new features, it also means that thieves have more methods than ever before in which to steal a car. What are the modern methods that thieve steal vehicles?

    Parking Lot Attacks

    If you've ever parked in a busy car park and were concerned that you're blocking someone in, this is one of the ways that many thieves will play on your frame of doubts. Thieves will jump those that return to the car park, steal their keys, and simply head off. The way this is done is by the car thief calling the venue and reporting that a specific car is blocking another one. What you can do to minimize this is not rush out to the car. You need to take your time and check if your car is really blocking someone in.

    Automobile Identity Theft

    Using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), thieves can use this to make a clone of your vehicle. They can copy VINs from car parks or vehicles in junkyards, and create documents, as well as fake plates. They then go and find a vehicle of a similar ilk, and apply the stolen VIN, making the stolen vehicle become the original model. What you can do is keep the information covered up. A lot of thieves can target cars sold by sellers of disrepute. When buying a vehicle, be sure it's from a trustworthy seller.

    A Disabled Car Alarm

    Perhaps you've heard your car alarm go off at night, and it's annoying everybody in the neighborhood so much that you've disabled it so everybody can get some peace and quiet. But when you disable the alarm, you're not able to know if your car has been broken into, especially in the middle of the night. But many thieves trip car alarms so owners disable them. Because if you live in a built-up area and your car alarm is going off in the middle of the night, you will naturally want to turn it off quickly. What the thief does after this has all quietened down, is break into the car, hack the ignition and drive off. There are a few things you can do to make sure you are protecting the car even if the alarm is off. You can get a car tracker, which can notify you if something is being done to your car, and the great thing with this is that it can go directly to your phone. On the other hand, if you do live in a built-up city area, consider getting a kill switch, or if this is impossible, get a removable steering wheel. That way, you may only suffer a few items stolen rather than the whole vehicle.

    The Keyless System

    One of the major concerns now, especially as many cars have keyless ignitions, is that thieves are developing gadgets to unlock and hack the keyless ignition system. As your keyless ignition is done by radio signal, equipment can be used to “record” the signal and then replayed to the car. This is one of the major concerns for many modern vehicles. It's quite an oversight for modern manufacturers. Because the signal is so easy to intercept, and the fact that the equipment can be bought for as low as $25, anybody can steal a car in a matter of seconds. What you can do is disable the radio activation function, or you could install a kill switch. This stops power to the engine, so if someone tries to get away with your car, and this is used in conjunction with a car tracker, you can stop power to the engine, rendering the thief useless. But this is something that you should go to a specialist to install.

    The fact of the matter is that there are so many different ways to steal a car these days. It's not just the old-fashioned “break the window and wire-start the car” method. Because the technology is improving at such an exponential rate, this means that thieves have to be more sophisticated in how they steal vehicles. But with changes in technology, especially keyless ignitions, it's hardly a surprise that the modern vehicle can prove to be such a concern for modern drivers.

    Modern Vehicle, Modern Concerns: The Ways People Steal Cars Now

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