Smart And Simple Tactics To Save Money On Car Ownership & Driving

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

Absolutely essential! That is what owning and running a vehicle is for many of us. Sadly, it can be very costly as well! You will be pleased to discover then,  there are some tactics you can use to reduce the cost of owning and driving a car. Read on to find out what they are.

Buy used.

The first way that you can keep the cost of owning and running a car as low as possible is to go for a used model instead of a new one. The primary reason being that as soon as you drive a brand new car off the sales lot, it will massively depreciate in value.

Choosing a used vehicle is often a smart finical move.

Conversely, choosing a used car that is reliable can save you a great deal of money and still provide you with the means to get from A to B. Just be sure that you pick one that is economical with fuel too, as this will help you keep the running costs, as well as the ownership costs low as well.

Keep your vehicle maintained.

Another smart way of keeping the running cost of your car down is to keep your vehicle as well maintained as possible. In fact, what this does is not only ensure that it uses fuel in the most efficient way but also minimizes the risk of costly breakdowns as well.

Of course, what this means is that you have to get good at doing work on your own car, with some of the basic tasks like checking tire treads, oil and water being essential to learn.

It can also prove to be a very beneficial move to learn more about some of the more complex functions and process of the vehicle you are driving so you can work on them if need be. Then you will only need to pay for parts, rather than labor at the mechanics as well.

Although, it is always worth noting that if you are in any doubt on the mechanical tasks that need doing, its best to use a professional. In fact, not doing so can be a false economy both regarding the efficiency of your vehicle, and the safety of those that use it.

Go green.

Pollution and the use of fossil fuels is an issue that is on everybody's lips at the moment, and this is a situation that is only like to increase as time goes on. What this means for car owners and drivers is that going green when it comes to fuel is probably a smart choice, not just for the environment but financially as well.

This is because green fuels such as unleaded, and electricity as hybrid vehicles become more popular are likely to be priced lower in the market. In fact, those using leaded petrol and diesel can expect to pay a premium which will only get worse over time. To that end, choosing a vehicle that runs on green fuel is one smart way that you can save!

Take off that roof rack.

Your roof rack might be handy when it comes to taking your bikes across the country or packing up all of your camping equipment for a family vacation, but did you know that it could be costing you money?

Yes, that's the right! Roof and any other racks that affect your vehicle's aerodynamics can actually make your car more expensive to drive. The simple reason being that you will need to use more fuel because of the drag they cause.

Of course, this means that a straightforward way you can save money on driving your car is to make sure that you remove your roof rack after each time you use it.

Be smart with your insurance.

Another method of reducing the cost of running your car is to be smart with the insurance that you choose. Of course, you will want the best coverage possible that includes cover for accident, fire, and theft. Happily, you can get this and still save money by simply comparing the offers from different providers out there.

In fact, several websites are dedicated to doing just this. Although it is worth remembering that you can on occasion, get a better deal by going direct to the provider!

Also, don't forget that if you insure additional vehicles or other areas of your life, like your home with the same provider you could earn yourself a discount and save on more money off your vehicle running costs.

Use your garage.

Most homes come with a garage for a reason, and it's not so you can store all your junk in it! Yes, I know that it is very tempting to use a garage as a halfway house between your home and the rubbish dump or thrift store. However, by doing this, you could actually be missing out on another method of reducing the running cost of your vehicle.

This is because, if you keep your car in the garage instead of all the unwanted items from your home, you can protect it from the elements such as too much direct sunlight, and heavy rain and snow. What this means is that you will ensure that your vehicle is kept in the best condition possible and is much less susceptible to rust, something that can be very costly to repair!

Additionally, you can also save even more money by only keeping your car in the garage rather than parking it in the street. The reason being that car parked on the road inevitably have higher insurance rates ascribed to them.

Shop around for fuel.

Finally, just like insurance, when it comes to fuelling your vehicle, it's always a smart idea to shop around. After all, unless you live in an extremely remote place, there are likely to be multiple gas stations in your location. What this means is that they will be in competition with one another, and so will aim to offer the best price of fuel possible.

Of course, all you need to do is find the one that is offering the lowest price when you need to fill up, and you can save on the running costs of your vehicle. You can even find websites like the one here that do all the hard work for you. A smart and simple way indeed to keep your car running costs to a minimum!

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