6 Must Have Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Cars Safe

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

Car theft has been one of the most common types of crime society is facing now a day; we think that the ratio is up only in poor countries. But you will be shocked to hear that a country like Canada has a huge ratio of their cars get stolen. 

According to statistics, every day, around 300 cars get stolen in Canada, and in 2016, the motor theft was about 760,000 in The United States.
These statistics show that we are in immense need of security for our cars. Do you need to ask yourself a few things such as do you leave your car keys to ignition? Do you lock your car properly while driving? 
If not, then there is a huge chance of your car get stolen soon. But here are some devices you can use to save your car from any mishap.

1. Tire Lock
You might have seen tire lock been used by police officers when a car is illegally parked and can be used as an anti-theft device for the car. When you got some really good space in your car trunk then having a tire lock is the safest option of all. 
The pros of having a tire lock are that it fits almost every size of the wheel and can be installed easily. It has a bright yellow color and comes with spare keys. 
But the con is that it can be used only if you are parking for a long time, and cannot be used daily.

2. Steering lock
One of the most popular option to consider against car theft is steering wheel locks for cars. It is not only popular but an effective solution against theft. 
It is applied to the steering wheel which locks the wheel, and the car won’t work until the steering lock is removed. Two types of steering wheels are available in the market, one of those is placed horizontally which won’t allow a complete turn. 
The other one comes with extension from the end and gets locked to the dashboard, making it difficult for the thief to turn it.

3. Kill Switch
One of the advanced technology which can be used against theft is kill switch. It disrupts the flow of electricity to the pump and other systems as well as ignition, which makes it impossible to start a car. If you kept the switch hidden, it would make the thief frustrated, and he will move to the next car. 
If you want more, you can go for more kill switches making the car completely theft free. It has a side effect; it is difficult to apply so if you want to apply it make sure that you or someone you know professionally about wires.

4. Car alarm
Alarms are the most common anti-theft device used worldwide. These alarms have no significant appearance, but it starts when the thief tries to steal the car. 
It starts the alarm when someone tries to break the glass or try opening the car without a key. Some car gets the sensitive kind of alarms which get started even if someone touches the car or fall on it.
You have to be vigilant about the alarm, because it can save you from your car to get stolen, so make sure that you are near to your car. 
But it can be a false alarm as well, for example, if a cat jumps on your car, it will start working. 
Many cars come with an in-built security system, but you have many different choices of your own, available in the market.

5. Electronic immobilizer
It might seem some fancy device to use against the thief, but it is the most common type of device which we use regularly. Electronic immobilizer does not allow a car to start without a key. 
This device works with Radiofrequency. Key fob, as well as the car key, have this system. So when the signal is sent by the owner, the car shuts off completely. 
It won’t work until the car is opened by a key. It also stops the engine and the fuel system. It will start if the signal is sent by the key.

6. Tracking system
Despite all the efforts against your car stealing, a professional thief will make his way to the car. If this happens the best you can do is to recover the car. 
You can do it by using the tracking system. It will help the police to track down your car within mins. 
The tracking system comes in two types, electronic tracking system or GPS tracking system. The electronic tracking system activated when the police enter the number of the car. 
The GPS tracker is a small device which can be used to track the location, but there is a disadvantage of these systems that t won’t stop him from stealing the parts of the car.


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