Subtle Car Customisation That Can Make All The Difference

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

When we think of customizing our cars, we can often think to the extreme. We might consider more impressive tyre rims, a new bodykit, a small spoiler, perhaps a larger bumper, and, heaven forbid it, flame decals which of course are scientifically proven to help your car accelerate faster.

However, this ‘video game’ approach to car modding is often not feasible in the real world, for real road users, and even those who would consider themselves car enthusiasts. Not all of us wish to drive a car that looks like an extra on a Fast & Furious movie. We just want something that works, that has practicality, and yes, sometimes looks better.

For this reason, it’s important to consider what the more subtle car mods out there could be, and how they might help your vehicle shine. You can absolutely achieve applying that, but you need to know where to start. With the following advice, we hope to get you there. Please, consider:

Tinted Windows

You don’t need to go overboard for a clean aesthetic upgrade, and something nice that works and helps you feel comfortable in your vehicle. Looking for excellent car tinting is the first step you might take. Not only does this help your privacy in a major way, but it can also help your car look more sleek, more clean, and also as if it’s a higher value than it might be. Tinted windows can also help you in numerous small ways. For example, if you need to sleep in your car one night? You’ll have a much more peaceful time. Perhaps you want to ensure that your children are anonymous when driving them through the city. Or, perhaps you don’t like the idea of someone being able to look inside your vehicle for valuables and take a shining to it. Tinting your windows is also a lot more reasonable than you think, so you might have much more success here.

Aftermarket Seating

Simply replacing the seats in your vehicle can help you feel more comfortable when driving, and might also give you the support you need. You might decide to implement heating functionalities, or potentially just go for a higher premium leather to help your vehicle interior remain much nicer to sit in for long periods. This is very important when you consider the long hours people commute, and the long amounts of time they can spend in traffic. Much more than an exterior upgrade that only improves the aesthetic, your buttocks and back will thank you.

A Winch

If you have a four wheel drive with a decent amount of power, it could be tremendously useful to install a winch if there isn’t already one on the front of your car. This could help you out of muddy, snowy or icy environments, and potentially help you get out of an even trickier spot. For the safety they provide, this can be a no-brainer.

With this advice, we hope you’re better able to focus on subtle car customization that can make all the difference.


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