Ways To Make Your 2nd Hand Runner Feel Like A Luxury Car

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

Unless you are buying a top-of-the-line model, it’s always the same pattern. When you first get a car, you have to get used to it/him/her. Especially when it’s a second-hand car, you will find things you don’t like or some things that add to buyer’s remorse. It could be that the brakes are too squishy, or the dashboard is messy. Some electricals aren’t 100%, or the upholstery has had too much wear and tear. There might be this rattling sound when you are taking a turn, or this squeaky sound when you are braking. 

There’s a list of things that aren’t exactly what you wanted, but this was within your budget and, hey, it runs. So out of pure necessity, you will use your car more often, go on adventures or simply just grocery shopping. Over time, and usually quicker than you think, your vehicle will start growing on you. There will be a choice selection of cans, wrappers, and napkins of food and drinks you like to consume and an emergency stash of gum and/or sweets will be safely stored away somewhere. At one point you will probably have given your car a name. It’s not long before you will not want anything else than your vehicle and dread the day it/he/she will give up on you. You and your vehicle are inseparable.

The scenario above is pretty much what happens to everyone unless you really have a car from hell. For most people a car is more than just a few wheels, it’s a little bit of themselves, a little home away from home. It’s not surprising that people love to give their car a finishing touch, something that makes it/him/her truly unique and yours. Here are some ideas to give your car that little bit of extra.

Custom Paint or Wrap

A custom paint job will be high on the list for most. Getting your car sprayed in the color that you want, with the finish you want is the most significant statement you can make. An all-black matte finish gives your car that rugged look, a candy-pink glossy finish will make sure you can spot your car from miles away. What about complex technical colors that are translucent or paint using pigments that result in the car changing color depending on the angle and light? For most people, a custom paint job is out of reach, and it will be a bit excessive on your 2nd hand car. But what about car stickers or wraps, they can deliver a similar statement-making change to your vehicle at a fraction of the cost.

Tires & Rims

Without going too much down the ‘Fast and Furious’ route, but have you considered tires and rims? Tire size is usually fixed, and you probably don’t want to make any structural adjustments to add a few inches to your tire and the car’s clearance. However, rims are a whole new ball game. And of course, you can go down the route of shiny chrome rims, but you could also consider getting your rims either painted or sticker wrapped. An all-black matte car could get some black rims for that truly incognito look, or have shiny metal rims for that super aggressive look. Rims will definitely make your vehicle look the part.

A Good Engine Clean

You could also consider getting your engine cleaned. This is a job for a mechanic, where they take the engine apart, clean everything that needs cleaning and rebuilds it again. It seems like a job for large motor blocks, but also stock cars can also use a bit of TLC. A clean engine, free of grime, oil, and corrosion, will not only increase the years you can enjoy your car, but it will also make the engine bay look significantly better. In most cases, especially combined with an overhaul of the exhaust system, the vehicle will sound better as well.


Other parts that could use some love are the front and tail lights. Get rid of foggy, low-quality headlights by either cleaning or replacing them. There are plenty of aftermarket kits available, and some internet sleuthing will get you far. You will be surprised at how much a difference an update of your lights makes to a car. And while you are at it, consider changing the bulbs, or even look into getting some LED lights. A crisp and clean light system will make your car look like it’s a model that has just been released.


And if you are updating your car anyway, consider tinting windows. Now, be aware of rules and regulations in your state, as driving around with tinted windows might not be allowed. In most cases your 3 back windows are fine, but the front windows are usually bound by specific regulations. Also, be careful that tinting windows get quite tacky quickly, so if you are unsure, this would be one to avoid.

Seat Covers & Floor Mats

Getting inside the car, there are plenty of areas to add a finishing touch as well. Why not change seat covers and floor mats? There are a few added benefits to this other than instantly updating the look of your car. It will help protect the existing upholstery, and the floor mats will prevent any (further) damage and provide protection from spilling in the car. This is one where you would want to spend significant time researching as there are many options out there. Well-fitting seat covers and floor mats make or break the appearance of your car.

For The Driver Only

And finally, focusing on the driver’s seat, which should be the most important area anyway, what about that steering wheel and the gear shift stick? There are fairly easy updates you can make to these essential driver’s things that will make the driver’s experience unique. Perhaps you can change the gear shift knob to a skull or something else you’re into. Or change the steering wheel to something a race car driver might encounter or someone who would drive a luxury car. All leather emblazoned with your name? Now, it doesn’t get any better than that!


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