Why You Should Always Park In The Empty Corner Of The Lot

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    Parking in car lots is always risky. These are public places, after all, and you park at your own risk. Worse, hundreds of other cars are probably doing the same. As such, you won’t get to enjoy the security you get on your drive or in your garage. If you have a shiny new vehicle, then you may be reluctant to take that chance.

    Of course, there’s no logic in holding off on days out because of this. It would be pointless having a car if you didn’t go anywhere. If these concerns are getting you down, though, all you need to do is consider parking in the quietest corner wherever you go.

    Too often, we follow a crowd mentality when we’re parking up. If other cars are located in one corner, we unconsciously gravitate there. From a security perspective, though, parking where others aren’t might be a better option. And we’re going to consider why. 

    Less risk of accidents

    Parking away from everyone else can help you to avoid accidents. For one, you’ll be able to park without any risk of bumps. That’s invaluable in locations with tight spaces, or if you’re getting used to a new vehicle. Driving apart like this can also be a massive help for avoiding the scrapes many drivers find when they return. And that’s before you even consider that many car lot-based auto accidents happen when drivers crash into parked vehicles around busy areas. If you don’t want to come back to a caved back end, the quiet corner is definitely best.

    In case of emergency

    Let’s say that you lose your keys and end up locked out of car. Or, perhaps you sit in it at the end of your trip only to find that your engine won't start. Either way, having your vehicle in the busiest part of the car lot isn't best in these instances. For one, professionals will need space to get to your car, which they may struggle to achieve if you're squashed in. Plus, you may have to leave your car overnight. If it's in plain view, it'll be a sitting duck from a safety perspective. If you're hidden away in a corner, though, thieves won't even know that it’s there. 

    Fast finding

    At the very least, parking out of the way can help you find your car faster at the end of your trip. In large car lots, especially, it can be tricky to know where to begin when it comes to finding your vehicle. All the signifiers in the world don't help much when there are cars on every possible side. As such, you may end up wasting a fair amount of time just trying to find where you've parked. No such worries when you're in a private corner of your own. You'll be able to spot your car miles away in this instance and could end up getting home in half the time you would if you had just parked with everyone else.

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