2019 Mustang GT Convertible: Iconic American

    Posted by Shane Kalicharan about 3 months ago

    Mustang. Is there a more iconic sports car? Well…yes, there are many. But the Mustang created a class of its own that continues to this day. It has history. It has a legacy. And it has a lot of buyers. Each new iteration of the coupe is a crucial investment for Ford. When Ford decided to axe its hatchback and car lineup in North America, the Mustang was kept. Such is its importance. There’s a Mustang in almost any flavor for almost any taste. A tamer 4-cylinder model all the way up to the hardcore Shelby. There’s always a lot riding on each pony. Our tester this time – a drop-top Mustang GT with an automatic gearbox. A hardcore rental spec, if you will. But does that make it any less of a car? We don’t think so.

    We commented on the looks of the post-facelift Mustang in our review of a 6-speed manual GT last year. We personally still prefer the pre-facelift front-end (and apparently Ford does as well on the Shelby models) but it’s really not a bad look at all. At a glance it’s a bit reminiscent of the Fusion. But since the Fusion is no more, maybe that’s less of an issue. In drop-top guise, we love the long, flowing lines of the car. It’s aggressive in all the right ways. From chunky tires to big brakes, hood louvres and the angry sounding quad exhaust pipe.


    The interior of the car is well laid out and for the most part, comfortable and easy to use. The back seats are pretty useless for the average adult, but should fit kids and cargo nicely. The Mustang has always represented a good case of value for money – and sometimes it shows. We wouldn’t exactly call the interior luxurious per-se. The seats are lovely, but hard and sometimes creaky plastic dominates the dashboard. But again, value for money. In Canada, a Mustang starts at just over $31,000 – which is a lot of car for your money, plasticky interior aside. 

    But let’s be real – does anyone buy a Mustang for the luxuries? Maybe a few. We’d never discount it entirely. But it’s fair to say the majority of buyers are doing it for what the car is – an icon that you just can’t help but be seen in. Even if you can’t see it – those exhausts (especially in super crackly sport mode) means you’ll hear it, probably a literal mile away. It’s just a thrill to drive, even in traffic. Every press of the throttle is virtually an experience in of itself. Except maybe for when you inevitably have to go to the gas station for the second time in a week because you were having too much fun downshifting in overpass tunnels. It really is a blast. And that experience is amplified with the top down. Drivers who are more ‘spirited’ might argue the lack of roof means a bit of slop during hard cornering but honestly, it’s such a minor setback its hardly noticeable.

    The Mustang’s convertible top is only available in black cloth. It’s not the best looking thing with the roof up to be honest – at least, when compared to the hardtop. But as mentioned earlier, it’s quite nice topless. Operation of the roof requires a manual unlatching, but the folding is done electronically. The roof will open and close in about 6-7 seconds but will have to be manually latched/unlatched with each operation.

    Like we mentioned earlier, value for money is a huge part of why the Mustang secured its place in automotive history and American culture. So how does the Mustang GT Convertible stack up? A drop-top Mustang starts at just a hair over $32,000. So not bad value really. But some Mustang fans will insist you cannot have one of these without a V8. Unfortunately with the drop-top, that puts the price up to just under $45,000. You do get more luxuries with that, as well as everything the V8 offers. But it’s still quite the price jump. Still though, hearing that beast of an engine in the open air is invigorating, to say the least.

    We love the Mustang very much. It’s not hard to understand why it is the icon it is when you get behind the wheel of one. It’s unmistakable in design. And despite the crowd-crashing memes and rivalry with MOPAR and GM, we’d argue it’s the most iconic of the bunch. Even non-car fans know a Mustang when they see it. It’s been featured in so many aspects of pop culture and still proudly wears the pony badge to this day. Despite its shortcomings,  this car is still the icon it used to be – and the way it drives more than reflects that.

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