3 Bad Driving Habits To Break Right Now

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    You may have been driving for a long time, but during that time you will probably have picked up many bad habits. You may not realize that you have done this, but over time your driving style may have changed. When you started driving, you will have needed to pass a test to ensure that you are safe to drive. But could you honestly say that you would pass that same test still now? 

    Car insurance companies exist because people have accidents. Ordinary people who believe themselves to be good drivers. Injury lawyers such as this one 

    https://ericramoslaw.com/texas-car-accidents/ will handle cases where someone has a clean record, and have never had an accident in years of driving. But anyone can cause an accident, and getting overconfident that you won’t ever be the reason that one happens can spell danger. 

    It’s a good idea for every driver to review their driving style periodically to make sure they have not picked up any potentially dangerous habits. Here are a few widespread poor driving habits. How many are you guilty of?

    Using Your Phone While Driving

    Taking calls, or worse, still texting or using social media is a common problem. You may be bored in a traffic jam, moving along at a car’s length a minute. It’s easy to get distracted, and the pull of social media is powerful, especially when our minds need somewhere to wander. But smartphone use ranks as one of the biggest reasons that accidents happen. A momentary distraction while looking at a phone screen could lead to you back-ending someone, or veering off into oncoming traffic. Before you check that Facebook notification ask yourself is yours, or anyone else’s life worth less than reading that comment right this second?

    Not Using Your Indicators

    Your indicators are a safety feature. They are there to let other drivers know of your intention to act. If they don’t know when you are going to turn, they can’t give way to you. They won’t know to slow down when they are behind you. They may end up crashing into you. Being a considerate driver means allowing people the opportunity to react to your driving. It takes a small movement to set your indicator flashing. When something requires so little effort, what reason is there not to do it?


    Not leaving a safe stopping distance between your car and the vehicle in front means that you will have no time to react in the event of them suddenly stopping. You cannot know for sure that they won’t suddenly need to slow. You may be traveling along at quite a speed, and then suddenly be met by a traffic jam. If they don’t react quickly enough, then you certainly won’t be able to either, especially if you have not allowed an adequate stopping distance. 

    Aggressively driving close behind a driver that you perceive as being too slow is dangerous. Getting frustrated can lead to anger, and this will cause you to start driving in an increasingly erratic manner, and that will end in an accident.


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