Rush Hour: Keeping Sane During The Most Insane Of Travel Times

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    One of the most dreaded aspects of driving is rush hour. Rush hour can force us to develop bad habits, and increase our stress levels. Stress is one of the most common things associated with driving, and when rush hour becomes more than an hour, and it starts to take over our entire lives, it can make us particularly miserable behind the wheel. So what can we do to ensure that we keep saying during the most insane of travel times?

    Are You Planning Properly?

    We get so used to one route to our chosen destination that we don't think there's any other way around it. It becomes a habit. But it's these major roads that can cause a backlog of traffic. There ways to check if there is traffic near you so you can plan better. Besides, surely there are different routes but also, planning your journey better will reduce the stress. We tend to go for the tried-and-tested routes rather than going in a different way. But we tend to avoid those routes because it adds a bit of travel time. But when there's a lot of traffic anyway, surely that longer route would be quicker? It’s just food for thought.

    Looking After Your Health

    Stress behind the wheel of a car is dangerous. So if you can find ways to at least look after your health, either behind the wheel or getting into the practice of doing something before you get into the car, you won't find yourself so angry. You can plan a different route, or you could leave an hour earlier. Yes this isn't suitable for everyone and it could add a lot more stress, but if you can do this, it makes for your journey to work more pleasurable. But if you work won’t let you alter your hours, at the very least you could stop off at, say, a gym and then it's not an hour wasted. It's all about making the most of your time, which can benefit your health in other ways.

    Getting More Done In The Car

    Not that we advocate taking your eyes off the road, but if there are things you can do while driving which makes life easier when you get into work or get home, then why don't you try it? If you're stuck in static traffic, you could use a hands-free device and make a phone call, especially if you need to contact the bank, they tend to put you in long queues anyway. On the other hand, there are other ways for you to make the most of your time in the car. If you have an abundance of podcasts that you don't have the chance to listen to, you can do this. And besides, if you're trying too many ways of stress and keep yourself sane, doing things that you like in the car means that you start to associate your time in the vehicle with more pleasurable things. 

    One of the major problems in rush hour is that we don't think of it as a pleasurable thing. But if you can start to make alterations, and turn it into a more pleasurable experience, as well as planning a little bit better, you can keep your sanity.


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