Yamaha Tw200 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

    Riding a dualsport bike can be a great way to personalize your ride, save money, and  spend more time getting to know your machine. Unlike most dirt bikes, this class is capable of being outfitted as your road transportation, because its engine size and speed make it just a few mirrors and approved brakes away from DOT-approved  status. New Yamaha TW200 options packages often include the road legal upgrades for the U.S., but if you are buying used it's pretty common to have to do alittle retrofitting to make sure it's still up to standard. Still, even with a little upgrading, 
    your new Yamaha is going to deliver a lot better value for the dollar than trying to run two bikes would. It also has a distinctive style line that you just can't find in road-only bikes, one that practically defines its entire vehicle class.

    Essential Accessories and Riding Gear
    You're going to need different clothes off-road than you do while riding on the street. Off-road riders tend to use a lot more visible knee and elbow armor, and their riding suits are also generally thicker and padded in more places. That's because dirt bike riders aren't just protecting themselves from the elements and from road rash. 

    They're also fending off small branches and environmental hazards you don't 
    encounter on maintained roads, and the ways they can spill are less predictable. That being said, safety on the street is essential because asphalt injuries might be more predictable, but they're also predictably unforgiving to riders without 
    protection. When you're getting set up for street riding, you should consider the weather when deciding between a padded motorcycle jacket and padded clothing. 

    Either way, motorcycle jeans are a must, as are all these essentials:
    • Motorcycle boots
    • Riding gloves for the weather
    • A helmet with face protection

    Riding in sneakers might be common, but it leaves your ankle unprotected, and that can lead to trouble down the road. If you want the best protection possible, boots are a must.

    Performance Upgrades for Your TW200
    Luckily, Yamaha's dualsport models are so popular you can find parts for them 
    wherever you find motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale. The basic upgrades for performance are exhaust, intake, brakes, and suspension if you want to get the best improved experience at the lowest price point, and that's true of most bikes. That being said, depending on your style and your goals, there's a lot more to do. Not only can you enhance the upgrades in one system with synergistic improvements, like expanding the intake and upgrading the fuel injectors and exhaust together. That needs to be done in stages, though, because each new upgrade introduces performance variables that need to be tested before installing more Yamaha TW200 aftermarket parts and accessories.

    You can find all these upgrades at the same great online retailer you use for Honda Ruckus OEM parts You'll find the widest possible selection of current gear for both past and present bike models, including aftermarket manufacturers who service bikes that can be hard to source parts for. Check it out today.


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