Getting Your Truck Ready For An Adventure

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    Organising the latest adventure in your truck can be such a fun experience, but if you fail to include all of the most important preparation steps before you leave, you risk meeting unnecessary and potentially dangerous problems along the way. Luckily, it needn’t be that difficult to get yourself and your vehicle ready for the journey you are about to undertake, as there are a few top tips and tricks that can aid you in really making the most of your time in the safest way possible. So, if you’ve got a big trip coming up and want to find out more to perfect your plans before the adventure arrives, then read on to uncover some of the best information you need to prepare your truck and make the most positive memories possible. 

    Gather Some Supplies

    The amount of supplies you will need depends upon the location and length of your trip, but also can be influenced by the environment which you choose too. For example, a short venture may appear to require less, however if you are travelling through tough terrain in a rural area, you may need more in order to sustain yourself in the event of a breakdown or other similar issues. The type of supplies you must source are fairly simply, and cover the basics like food and water along with suitable clothes and some hygiene related products too. It’s always better to overpack rather than underpack, and it’s unlikely that this will add a noticeable amount of weight to your truck either. 

    Remember Safety Is A Priority

    Your own and your passengers safety should be a top priority throughout any adventure you undertake, so you must make the utmost effort to ensure that your trip succeeds without any bumps in the road that you’re not ready to handle. There are a few essentials that are required no matter where you are going or what you are doing, such as a flashlight, a first aid kit, a spare tire along with the relevant tools, jump cables and something which you can use to smash the windows should you need to escape from inside the vehicle. It’s also a good idea to bring along some blankets and other warm items, as you may find yourselves trying to catch a few winks in the truck which can be a very cold space with the engine off. Think about the location to which you are travelling, and try to identify any specific risks that you may encounter on your journey before you begin in order to implement precautionary measures in good time.

    Improve & Modify Your Truck 

    Most trucks were designed to take on rough terrain, and be reliable vehicles with long lives, making them perfect for an adventure. However, not all of the features you might need come as standard, and there could be some really beneficial adaptations available that you are currently missing out on. If you’re visiting a location that's rife with rivers, lakes and water in general, then a snorkel attachment may just be the perfect modification for you - this will help to stop any liquid from entering your engine and maintain or raise air levels to reduce dust, dirt and debris from going inside the system. It’s vital that you take your truck in for a service before you commence your trip, as you don’t want to find out that you have a problem when it’s too late. Make the most of diesel tuning and ensure that all of your trucks systems are up to date, whilst testing your brakes and other features to confirm that everything is in perfect working order. It may be an idea to bring along some extra fluids like motor oil as well as spare fuel, as you do not want to be left high and dry in the middle of nowhere.

    Getting your truck ready for an adventure has never been so easy when you follow the top tips above. Make the most of your trip by gathering the right supplies with extras for emergency situations, and include health and safety related equipment to help solve any issues you might face along the way. Take your truck into the garage to test your vehicle before you leave, as this way you can identify problems and find solutions initially rather than having to deal with it later. Add some modifications to your truck, such as a snorkel in a water logged environment, as these can massively improve your experience.


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