Going Downhill: The Driver Habits That Cause Your Car To Age Fast

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    You might be doing your best to save cash on your vehicle in one way or another by cutting back on essential maintenance or hoping that the car goes a little bit longer without fuel. But once we get into these little habits this is what can cause our car to deteriorate and go downhill fast. While the winter is tough on our vehicles, our bad habits could very well make things worse. Do you have any of these habits that cause your car to age fast?

    Leaving The Car Idling

    If you're someone that likes to warm up the car in the morning you need to keep it to a minimum. We have to remember that engines aren’t designed to sit idling for lengthy periods of time. These days vehicles have enough lubrication that there is no need for warming up. While it's important that you have the right sort of lubrication in place and there are plenty like Amsoil, as modern engines don't require warming, as long as you have adequate lubrication, you can save a few pennies. Besides, if you idle for too long you can cause buildup to develop on your spark plugs. This will result in wasting fuel, and therefore, money.

    Riding The Clutch Or Brake

    Over cautious drivers tend to hover with their foot over the break, but regardless of your own driving style, by riding the brake or the clutch you are wearing them down significantly. To stop doing this, put your left foot on the “dead pedal” (or the space to the left of the clutch or the brake). This is what will help you to brace yourself during sharp turns, rather than continually hovering with your foot over the brake.

    Not Looking After Your Tires

    It is a simple habit but you need to keep your tires inflated properly. If your tires are under-inflated it will wear down your tire tread and waste fuel. You have to remember that your engine has to work harder to get the car going at the speeds that you wanted to. The old trick that many people do to check the tire tread is the penny method. Inserting a penny with Abe Lincoln's head first will show you if you need to get new tires or just inflate them a bit more.

    Driving Too Fast

    If you feel the need for speed, not only will you likely get a ticket but driving above the speed limit too much forces you to break more abruptly which causes problems with your tire tread. This is a habit we all need to address. We think that we get somewhere quicker if we drive faster but there is always a set of traffic lights that we have to stop at. It's been shown that even if we drive faster, we don't actually get to the destination any quicker unless it is above a certain speed. So if you're going around small neighborhoods you're not going to get there any quicker but you are also damaging your car in the process.


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