How to Get the Best Audio for Your Car

    Posted by Ben Davidson about 2 months ago

    Driving alone can get a little boring and tedious or even if you are with a bunch of you friends, sometimes you need a little bit of music to liven up the atmosphere. It might not do much if the sound quality in your car doesn’t even match up to your cell phone speakers. Here are some awesome (and affordable) ways to boost the audio quality in your car.

    1.Switch Out Your Factory Speakers

    Factory speakers are definitely not going to be as good as something you can get off the market. Aftermarket accessories such as subwoofers and a whole new speaker will boost the sound and maybe even the look of your car interior.  Replace the entire speakers with a completely new unit for instant gratification.

    2. Add in Different Components

    If you are technology savvy, there are certain components you can add such as an amplifier, and equalizers to tune the sound. It’s more difficult to do (unless you hire a professional), and could end up costing you more than just switching out the entire unit. Tweaking your existing unit with different parts could be tough due to finding compatible add-ons. Some factory stereos don’t even come with amps, then you will have your work cut out for you looking for ones with speaker level inputs.

    3. Play Higher Quality Music Files

    This may sound like a no-brainer, but the higher quality music files you use, the better the sound. Sounds pretty simple right? Better quality music files have less compression. They may sound acceptable through your headphones, but out in the open coming from your subwoofers, there will very clearly be something missing. Certain music apps may also allow you to adjust the settings to get the best quality.

    4. Dampen the Noise

    And by noise, we don’t mean your music. Pad the interior of your car with noise deafening material such as a Hushmat to insulate the sound better. Installing a speaker system in the door panel isn’t a good idea as it affects the accuracy of the music. Dampen the road noise and the noise inside your car so all you hear is your music in detail.

    5. Add Subwoofers

    These components are responsible for pumping out the heavy bass. Perhaps even with a good sub or two, you can bypass all the other steps above. You will hear your favorite songs in more detail as all the lower octave notes are brought to the surface. You can also adjust them to your personal tastes and fall in love with your favorite tunes all over again. And if you already have an old one, find out how to tell if your subwoofer is blown, so you could switch it with a new one right away. 


    It can be oppressing to want to pump out your music but your car stereo just isn’t up to the task. Thankfully, there are a few affordable ways to solve this issue. Decide what is important to you and then choose the right step. Otherwise you can try all 5 and instantly experience sound like you never have before.


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