From Zero To Hundred (Dollars): Making Money With Your Vehicle

Posted by Ben Davidson about 6 months ago

The humble vehicle can be all things to all people. It's the gateway to road trips where you discover so much about yourself, the people carrier for your family, and a modest means to commuting, but in this tough economy, we've got to make sure that our car is a decent return on our investment. Some people can find that the car is the most expensive part of their lifestyle. With rising costs in fuel, we can grow frustrated at having this chunk of steel in our driveway potentially wasting money. But instead, if you can start to consider using your car as a wise investment by harnessing its potential to make extra money it will be worth it. But how can we make extra money from our car?

Renting Out Your Car

If you're someone who doesn't use your car every single day it's the perfect opportunity to rent it out to someone who needs it for an airport journey, or if it's during the summer months and you are going on vacation, you could rent it out for longer. The best thing for you to do is to be competitive with your vehicle, especially as there are numerous providers of car rentals. Someone may need a unique set of specifications, in which case if you've got a truck you could rent this out and if there are people looking for the ideal vehicle for a long road trip over 3 or 4 weeks, you could provide this! For those people that are looking to go on long-term explorations if you have the opportunity to deck the car out with various modifications whether it's kayak racks for trucks or a spare bed in the back, this can certainly open your options up. Renting out your car may seem like a risk but you have the final say of you hand the keys over to.

Use Your Car As A Marketing Tool

There are many companies out there that are looking for such advertising space that you can use your vehicle to make extra money in your spare time. If you don't mind stickers being put on the sides of your vehicles then you can easily earn a decent bit of cash. Of course, the downside is that you have a poster stuck on the side of the vehicle, but the stickers are easily removable in case you're worried about the value of the vehicle. If you are making short journeys to the shops this can be the perfect opportunity for you.


There are numerous apps that can save you a lot of fuel costs. Whether it's transporting workmates to the office or if you are making a long journey and want to cut the costs you could advertise your needs on apps like Bla Bla Car and share the travel costs. Naturally, you have to share your car with a stranger but it can save you a decent amount of money. A lot of these modern apps have reviews so it's almost like you are providing a service. While you could very easily become an Uber driver, if you wouldn't like the added pressure of driving people around all day every day this is a perfect go-between.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

There are providers like JustPark and Park On My Drive that can be quite lucrative. If you live near a train station or an entertainment venue, you could earn some extra income by renting your space out. You can usually charge per hour, per day, week, or even per month. If you live by an airport you can certainly make the most of the latter. The most important thing to remember with this is that you have got to find somewhere else to park your car! If you live in a built-up city area you can make a decent amount of money doing this.

Create A Car Video

If you've got a very specific set of specs on your car or truck you could use this as an entryway to getting a little bit more money. People need how-to guides, especially when it comes to fixing a car, and if you have a very specific passion, such as classic cars, you could highlight specific problems for each individual model. You can certainly make money being a YouTuber but you've got to be quite niche in your specialist subject matter. 

Take Other People’s Kids To School

If you're already taking your own children and there's room for another one you can easily charge for the privilege. One of the most stressful aspects of driving as a fully-fledged adult is the deadly school run! When you charge, think about the distance you have got to travel and how often you are taking the child to school. It may seem a little bit left-field but if you're already taking your own children to school, the parents will have some peace of mind knowing that there is a responsible adult taking them to school. There can be times when parents have to put their child in a taxi and this never sits right. You can be the savior of the school run!

A Delivery Service

It had to be mentioned! So many people use their vehicle as a way to deliver parcels and food, and while it's not an ideal way of earning extra money, for some people it can be the perfect opportunity to make a decent stretch of income based on where you live. You don't have to drive very far in order to make some money. While taxi drivers need to earn their keep by driving further if you are delivering food in a local area you're able to do plenty of deliveries and get a commission based on each drop-off you make. Not ideal for everyone, but it can certainly tide you over if you are desperate.

Although you may feel that your car can hemorrhage money on occasion it's one of the best ways to get a part-time income. If you are desperate there are ways to make a little bit of money or have it become a crucial part of your working life.


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