Key Considerations For Swapping Your Car In 2020

Posted by Ben Davidson about 11 months ago

Buying a new or used vehicle today is very different to car shopping in generations gone by. If you’re in the market for a new car in 2020 here are some key considerations to bear in mind. 

Your budget

Owning a car might not come cheap, but there are more options open to drivers than ever before when it comes to swapping vehicles. The introduction of car finance has made buying and leasing new vehicles more affordable, and you can also choose from a vast range of used cars that are built to last. Before you start looking for a new vehicle, it’s wise to explore the finance options available and figure out how much you can afford to spend. Choose between paying a lump sum and owning the car outright or paying a monthly fee for an agreed term. If you’re purchasing a vehicle outright, negotiate on the price. There is almost always room for maneuver on the advertised fee. If you’re unsure whether to plump for a new or a used vehicle, it’s wise to visit dealers that offer both options like West Chevrolet and weigh up the pros and cons. Compare prices, work out the sums and think about whether you’d rather own the car for a long period of time or swap it for a new car in a few year’s time. There are advantages and disadvantages to new and used vehicles.

Features and technology

Drivers are spoiled for choice in 2020. Modern cars are packed with technology, gadgets and features that are designed to improve the driving experience, promote safety and reduce the risk of accidents. If you’re looking for a new car, think about the kinds of features that would benefit you. Some people want all the mod cons, while others prefer to pay less for a more basic model. If you know which car you want, take a look at the specifications online and arrange a test drive. This will enable you to compare different models and styles before you make a decision. 

Fuel efficiency

In years gone by, drivers had a choice between diesel and petrol cars, but today, there’s a more diverse range of options on offer. As manufacturers strive to create more environmentally-friendly models, car owners can opt for hybrids and electric vehicles. If you’ve always had a petrol or a diesel car, you might have questions about greener models. Take the time to do some research, have a look at the statistics for fuel efficiency and emissions and work out the potential cost savings. Visiting a dealership or a showroom will enable you to take a closer look at different cars, learn more about them and see how they feel when you get behind the wheel and hit the road. 

Buying a car in 2020 is a very different experience to shopping for a new motor in 1980 or 1990. If you’re thinking about swapping your car, it’s beneficial to explore all the options, to compare different fuel types and specifications and to consider your priorities. Set a budget, shop around for deals and organize test drives to help you find the perfect car.


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