15 Reasons to Read Your Car Owner’s Manual

Posted by Ben Davidson about 11 months ago
For most drivers, car manual is just another boring book that they don’t want to read. They read it only when something goes wrong with their car. Many car manuals will go years without ever being cracked open. People think that they know everything that is written on the owner manual and there is nothing that these manuals can teach expect how to deal with a particular issue. If you are one of those car owners who have never touched the car manual then it’s time to reconsider your thought about it. These manuals are loaded with plenty of information and you can get many advantages from them. In this article we will discuss about why you should read your car owner’s manual and how it will be helpful to you.??1) Understanding your car better
Every car is composed of thousands of components and is loaded with new technology. It’s really tough for us to understand each and every component. Each car manual is loaded with full details about all the car components and knowing just few of them can also make your life easier. You can even get knowledge about PSI the tires need and which grade engine oil you should use, oil capacity of your car, type of break oil used, and amount of coolant the car requires and many other basic things like setting up the car’s computer system etc. By knowing these basic things you don’t even have to depend upon your service center guy. 

2) Safety tips for driving
We can easily find the safety tips on driving if we go through the internet. But the car’s manual is specifically designed for that particular car. You will find few pages on your car manual that very well explain how to drive safe. You must go through those safety tips and you will be shocked to know how helpful they will be to you.

3) Know when to have a maintenance performed 
By reading the manual you will get to know when you have to take your car for a service. As each car company and each car model has different maintenance schedule, you won’t find about it anywhere on internet. So before you get your car choked or get any technical glitch it’s better to know about the maintenance through the manual. Every car manual comes with a service schedule and it will keep you updated about the cars service too.

4) Car stops in the middle of the road
The best part about car’s manual is that it is loaded with even basic information about the car. Suppose if your car stops in the middle of the road for a very simple reason such as if battery terminals get lose or there are sulphur deposits on the terminal, it can leave your car stranded. Through car’s manual you can identify such problems easily and if you cannot identify the problem then you will get the phone number of your nearest service center too.

5) Figure out what indicators mean
You can easily identify few of the indicators like battery sign for down battery, wrench means service, and flat bottomed tire means that your tires are low and so on. But there are few indicators that are hard to identify and you can find about them through cars manual only. 

6) know what your warranty Information is
Many people don’t read the manual and end up paying fee for the service that is under warranty. Each manual cover all the information about car’s warranty and you should know about it.

7) You need to know how to set your vehicles settings
Basic settings likes clock, alarm, temperature, lights etc are customizable and you should know how to set them up. Reading your owner’s manual will teach you all the tips and tricks.

8) Need to maintain a service record for your car
You can easily put the details like date of service, KM covered etc. on car manual and this will help you know when the next service date is. 

9) Take care of simple processes yourself
No one needs to take their car to the service center for simple things like bulb change, sparkplug change, setting the trip etc. You can find about these easily on the car’s manual. 

10) You need to know where the spare tire is
Finding the spare tire can be tough if you have purchased a new car. Different car models have different set up for a spare tire and you can easily get confused while searching for it. Just open the car’s manual and you will find where the spare tire is. 

11). Help you with modification
Many people want to modify their car. Changing car’s tire, rim, bulbs, etc. are the basic things that people usually do. But you should always read your car’s manual to know up to what extent you can do the changes and what it is capable of. If you modify your car without checking the manual then you could end up with something that can damage your car.

12) Drive your car better?
Car’s manual always have details about how to get maximum performance from your vehicle. If you go through these in details then you can get high performance from your car for e.g. high average, low maintenance cost etc. 

13) You need to know what TPMS is
TMPS mean tire pressure monitoring system. The car’s manual perfectly explains what this is and how it affects your car and the tires.

14) You need to know how to open the hood, Fuel Tank, Boot Box and Bonnet
For any new car owner finding the way to open car’s fuel tank, hood, boot box, and bonnet can be the toughest task as car companies place these buttons on very strange places. If ever you get stuck with just then just open the manual and you will find it.

15) Always keep the manual in your car
From above points it is clear that you must always go through the car’s manual as it can help you in many ways. You should always carry the car manual with you while driving the car and should not leave it at home. Who knows when you may need help! 


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