Turbo Love - 5 Tips for Treating Your Turbo with the Love It Deserves

Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago

The dog used to be man’s best friend, but now it’s the turbo-charged engine. You won’t find all too many car enthusiasts not swooning over their new, shiny turbocharger. Once it’s installed, though, or you buy a vehicle that already has one, how do you look after it? Here are a few helpful hints for treating your turbo with the love it deserves: 

Listen to the Professionals

It can be tempting to listen to advice from friends, then make changes to your turbo system based on what they recommend. However, when you start playing around with blow off valves, airflow sensors, and other parts of your turbo without expert advice, you can end up in a world of hurt. Your friends may have great ideas, but are they suitable for your turbo-charged engine and vehicle? 

Before you start adjusting and modifying stock-standard or expert-installed turbochargers, talk to someone in the industry. Their advice could save you a fortune.   

Keep on Top of Oil Changes

Car maintenance can be costly over time, which is why many people might put off things like oil and filter changes until they are well overdue. While you might be able to save money in the short term, you could also be creating a long-term problem. 

Allow your turbocharger to perform at its best by changing your oil at least every 5,000 miles. Not just any oil will do, either. A fully-synthetic oil, as outlined in your vehicle handbook, is the best choice for your engine type. 

Fresh, clean oil is necessary to lubricate the intake and outlet fans, along with the compression valve. Your vehicle can perform at its best when you treat it like the best. 

Ease Off the Power

The sound of the turbo engine roaring to life is enough to get any automotive enthusiast’s heart racing. Even if you’re eager to put the pedal to the metal, ease off. Being too aggressive with the accelerator could cause some expensive issues in the future. Instead, you can slowly put the power on, while still enjoying that meaty roar of a turbo. Don’t forget to stick to the speed limit

Don’t Forget Your Gears

When you’ve got all this newfound power with a turbo engine, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill and rely on it for all its torque and speed. It’s true, they can offer a lot more get-up-and-go, but it’s crucial not to forget your gears. 

When you’re in the fast lane trying to overtake a vehicle, or you’re powering up a hill, don’t lie your foot flat and rely on your turbo engine to pull you along. Use your gears as they are intended. Downshift when you gain speed, and potentially limit the wear and tear your engine suffers. 

Use Quality Parts  

Everyone loves a bargain. It’s in our human nature to haggle, look for low prices, and negotiate. However, there’s a saying that can often ring true: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you’re a vehicle enthusiast, then you will have an understanding of how much it costs to turbocharge your vehicle. If parts seem too cheap, then question it. The last thing anyone wants is inferior-quality parts in their expensive car

Turbo-charged vehicles need a lot of tender, loving care. They want to be respected, loved, and serviced regularly. In return, they will offer faithful and loyal service for many years to come. Is it time to start being a bit gentler on your turbo-charged engine.


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