7 Points You NEED To Understand Before You Head Out On The Road

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

In this day and age, we all need to have our own personal vehicle of some sort. Sure, many can get by using public transport and lifts from friends/family members, but it’s so very convenient having a car or bike for ourselves. If you look back to around a hundred years ago, a car was seen as a luxury item that people were lucky to get their hands on. The roads were packed full of pedestrians, and even the most basic cars were looked at in awe. Now, however, driveways, public places, and usually quiet roads are filled with motor vehicles. We’re well and truly into a fast-paced and motorised world. 

Driving a car and riding a bike are pretty simple tasks at the end of the day. Once you get the basics handled and practice them enough, you’ll get used to everything and quickly become an expert. It’s an activity that can be achieved by absolutely anyone. That doesn't just mean that any old Tom, Dick and Harry should immediately head behind the wheel, though. There are some things that a person should figure out and keep an eye on before they even think about stepping in the driving seat. Some of these thoughts are basic and require common sense; some of them are a little more complicated. 

If you’re curious as to what we’re talking about here, then have a little read further. They aren’t too daunting – otherwise, the majority of drivers wouldn’t hop in a car or on a bike! They should be considered closely, though, as you don’t want any issues surrounding your motoring life. Here are a few of the points you should take into account: 

Are You Confident Enough?

Driving doesn’t exactly take much of it, but it still needs to be there. You’re not going to be leading troops into battle or anything like that, but you are going to be operating a large piece of machinery on busy roads. The confidence and esteem do come with practice and experience, but it’s something that not everyone has – some shiver at the idea of driving. If you’re one of those people, then perhaps you should hold off for a little while. You need that wherewithal to take control of situations and not hesitate when you get into certain situations. 

Are You Mature Enough To Head Out?

This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous point. You need to be a grown-up behind the wheel. Sure, some people out there really enjoy the motoring world – you’re probably one of them – but you need to behave yourself pretty much all throughout your driving tenure. It’s easy for youngsters to show off or do something stupid while they’re in their first year of driving – you shouldn’t be like that, though. Follow the rules, and don’t be an idiot. It’s not just your life and your well-being you’re putting in danger by being immature – other people can have their lives torn apart due to moronic actions.

Safety First! 

We just talked about the idea of keeping a mature head, but that’s not the only thing you’ll need to do when you’re driving. You’ll need to follow all the guidelines and make sure you know everything about the vehicle you possess. You should also go through all the appropriate safety checks every now and again, just in case the car or bike decides to start playing up without your knowledge. It goes without saying, but if you’re, say, riding a motorcycle, then you’re going to need to wear a helmet and the rest of the safety gear – trust this. While in places like Oklahoma, you’re required if you’re under 18 to wear a helmet, it’s not illegal all over the world to neglect the gear – it is silly, though. 

Know It’s A Pretty Volatile Experience At Times!  

We touched on this before, but it’s not just you on the road, of course, and it not just you that can be stupid behind the wheel. All humans are flawed and can make silly errors, and you need to realise that before you get onto the road. Your instructor might tell you (or might have already told you) that you need to treat every other driver like an idiot and be cautious. That’s some of the best advice you’ll ever receive regarding driving a car or riding a bike. 

Do You Have The Money To Run A Car?

Another point that pretty much goes without saying, but a car or bike takes a lot out of your bank account. If you’re doing well financially, then this shouldn’t concern you, obviously! The initial fee is obviously something you need to stump up for, but running the thing can burn a hole in one’s pocket. Just make sure you realise what you’re in for before you commit to something so significant. 

The Fundamentals Of How A Vehicle Works

You don’t need to be an expert mechanic, but it’s good to know the basics just in case you, again, run into any issues. Yes, there are many services that you can call when you break down, but sorting the preliminary things out yourself would do a lot of good. You’ll also want to know how the car you intend on driving operates in terms of handling and features, etc.

Be Aware Of The Kinds Of Insurance That Are Around

Obviously, in order to get into a car and drive legally, you need to be insured so you can be accountable for any issues you might cause another person. Third-party insurance is the mandatory form of insurance you need, but there are many others that can cover you – and there are lots of little detailed strands you could opt for, too. 

Do You Know What To Do If You’re Involved In An Incident?

They aren’t 100% inevitable, but you’ll probably be involved in a little issue once in your life. Nobody really knows what to do when they’re faced with an issue like this, but it’s good to know the kind of behaviour you should be exhibiting. Check that you’re safe and that everyone around you also is. Keep your cool. Phone appropriate authorities if need be. Exchange information. These are staples when this kind of instance occurs.


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