Ensuring You Gain A Great Deal On Your First Vehicle

Posted by Ben Davidson about 4 months ago

Purchasing a first vehicle can often seem like an intensive and confusing journey. Even those who have purchased many cars in their driving career will need to come to the new acquisition with rationality and measured observation. This is because in the world of automotives, it’s incredibly easy to be sold on a bad deal. From vehicles that have their wear and tear hidden quite readily, to models and manufacturers that are plain unreliable, it can take a lot of forethought to dodge these issues and come to a result you are satisfied with.

For instance, the defeat devices found in Volkswagen vehicles in the mid-2000s gave rise to a heated discussion about how environmentally friendly fuel standards are, and what manufacturer-promoted features are worth trusting in the first place. Ensuring you gain a great deal on your first vehicle, then, is more than just trying to haggle a price. It means being able to stay fluent in just what comprises a good vehicle in a reasonable state of repair.

For new drivers, that can be a huge ask. It is for you that we have collected the following advice:

Speak To The Previous Owner

Of course, we must speak to the previous owner of a vehicle if purchasing second hand. Be mindful that they may wish to cover up issues to help make the sale more easily, or to extract further money from you. This is why checking out each one of their claims can be important. If they suggest the vehicle handles well, ask for a test drive. Be sure to check the mileage, and to ask them details of their use. Furthermore, make sure they have all of the official documentation, including proof of modifications, road-worthiness, up to date tax information etc. When you can confirm that the story seems solid, you can be a little less suspicious as a grounding a pre-requisite.

While discriminating is never a good thing, consider the purpose of this sale and why they may be wanting to get rid of the vehicle. For instance, an elderly woman who realizes she is not as functionally equipped to drive as she may have been will likely seem more trustworthy than someone selling their vehicle on a whim. Of course, it’s also important to consider how their story is. The elderly woman may have noticed her faculties were decreasing after bumping into the wall one too many times, while the gentleman may simply wish to travel abroad and is raising funds for that. You needn’t become a detective or overly interrogate someone, but a little context and the willingness to dig deeper can help you see if the deal seems trustworthy to you or not.

Select A Great Car Dealership

The best car dealerships aren’t only there to sell you a car, but to help you find the car you need. Ultimately, it’s important for you to know what you need, and that means speaking to a professional about that which is on offer. No matter if you need a smaller people carrier for your growing family, or a little hatchback you can run around the city in, car dealerships that put your needs first and help you become aware of your options are a necessary step forward. If you look for the best-reviewed dealerships in your area or the most celebrated options online, you will be more likely to find out exactly what it is you want.

Understand The Fundamentals

Of course, some basic understanding of vehicle designations can help you find the car you truly need. From engine sizes to power steering setups to the computerized systems you can appreciate - from hybrid vehicles to different fuel types to two or four wheel drive, the filters you place on your search will help you avoid a range of vehicles you’re not interested in.

Furthermore, knowing how to check tyre pressure, check for oil, inspect for painted-over damage or what to look for in a car’s documentation history will help you search for your vehicle with greater accuracy. Researching some of the basics of vehicle maintenance will help you thoroughly as far as that’s concerned, and it’s a great place to start.

Bring Along A Wiser Friend

It can also be nice to bring along a wiser friend to your potential ‘intent to buy’ meeting, juist to ensure that the vehicle is as advertised and that issues aren’t being hidden away. An experienced driver will be able to tell if the steering feels a little loose, if the tires are depressurized, if cracks are starting to appear, or if the vehicle’s seat belts aren’t as tight as they should be.

Sometimes, having an authority figure such as a parent with you can help the purchase go forward more smoothly, and it will prevent you from being taken advantage of.


Learning to negotiate can be a worthwhile means of squeezing the best deal from a purchase. Even car dealerships will have dedicated salesmen that are there to help you find the best deal, and it’s not uncommon for them to try and secure the purchase with a favorable deal you can discuss at certain length beforehand. After all, if you don’t ask for it, you’re unlikely to find what you want.

This doesn’t mean you need to be insulting or to factor in certain elements such as your trip there as part of the cost. However, salesman or second-hand trader may be interested in helping you with a cost reduction if you pay in cash, or if you accommodate some of their requests (such as picking up the vehicle on a certain date). It may be that the car is due for its servicing, but you’re happy to take it off their hands now and take care of that yourself. This may be a point in which you can ask for a cost reduction, provided you know the car is functioning well and you’ve enjoyed a reliable test drive.

WIth this set of guidelines, we hope you can ensure a great deal on your first vehicle, and enjoy a great start to your lifetime driving career.


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