How to get your accident claim sorted out fast

Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago
If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident that leaves you without a car, you will want to speed up the claims process. When you do that, the garage can get on with repairing your vehicle, allowing you to get your life back to normal faster. Below, are some suggestions that should help you.

Do a bit of research
The first step is to get a better understanding of how the process after a car accident works. It won’t take you long to go online and read a few articles on the subject - or, speak to a car accident law firm (click the link) to get answers about your specific case. Or, maybe ask a friend or family member who has recently claimed for their advice on how to speed things up.

Armed with the information obtained from these sources you will be able to identify the potential sticking points and work to avoid them being an issue in your case. It is surprising what a difference this makes. Plus, because you will know what to expect you will feel in more control, which will make the whole situation a little less stressful. Provide the information asked for To be able to process your claim, your insurance company needs the right information. So, do your best to provide them with what they ask for and make sure that it is in the format requested.

Stay organized 
Try to keep all of the details of your accident in one place and organized in a way that makes it easy to find something. That could mean printing everything off and keeping it in a physical folder. Or, using a digital format. If you decide on the latter solution make sure that you use OCR software to scan everything. Provided you use a good package you will be able to do a digital search to go to relevant sections of text. Carefully label any photos or diagrams to make them easy to find. This review article will help you to choose the right package. If you go down the digital path save a copy in the cloud. That way you will easily be able to access the information wherever you are. 

Make a note of who you spoke to and when

Keep a timeline of each step you took to sort things out after your accident. Doing this will make it far easier for you to keep track of everything and chase things up when necessary. If you speak to someone, make a note of the time and date of the conversation. Also, ask them for their name and a reference number. Doing this can help a lot. If you have to follow up you will know who to ask for. Plus, it subtly lets them know that you are keeping track of things. Sometimes this knowledge prompts them to move a bit faster. Doing all of the above will help to move things along faster.

Unfortunately, it is going to still take a few weeks to get your vehicle back on the road. That is why it is worth considering buying an insurance policy that includes a courtesy car you could use if yours is off the road.

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