What can Cause a Vehicle to Breakdown

Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago
A breakdown of a vehicle can be caused by a number of things; it is usually highly inconvenient and, at times, can be expensive to rectify. When a vehicle breaks down, it is unlikely you can fix it yourself unless you are confident in doing so; therefore, it is better that you just call out a breakdown company or town company to have the vehicle recovered or fixed if it can be. Breaking down is not pleasant for anyone, especially if it can be avoided or if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Knowing what can cause a breakdown is a great way to understand what you may be able to do to prevent one and make sure you can keep your vehicle on the road. If you are unsure what can cause a breakdown, then hopefully, these tips may help you to understand further and know what to look out for with your vehicle.

Battery issues

When it comes to breakdowns, the majority of them would be caused by a battery fault, and the chances of this increase during the winter months. If your battery does have a fault, then your vehicle may not start as the battery is needed to power the starter motor, and if the car doesn’t start then, you cannot start the battery; this is where you would need a jump start from another power source to start the car so you can charge the battery back up. If the battery won’t hold its charge, then it would cause by the alternator not charging the battery.

Getting a flat battery is mainly caused by leaving something on in the car like an interior light or the headlights, but it can also be caused by not using the car for a long period of time, faulty battery, issue with the recharging of the battery, or a faulty component in the car.

Tires or wheels

Issues with your tires or wheels are also a huge issue when it comes to breakdowns; if they are not looked after or if you take damage to them, then it can cause the vehicle not to function and, in the worst case, cause an accident. Many things can cause an issue with tires; it could be a sharp object puncturing it, Tire valves failing, hitting a pothole or clipping a curb, and the tire degrading due to age and wear. Checking your tires and making sure they still have enough tread on them to make sure they are safe can stop this from happening, also; if you do hit a pothole or clip the rim of the wheel, then it best to pullover or check it when you reach your destination to make sure there is no damage or issues with the tire or rim.

Wrong fuel or ran out

An issue that is slightly harder to deal with is filling up with the wrong fuel; this can lead to serious implications and, in some cases, the death of your engine. If you happen to have filled your car with the wrong fuel the most important thing to remember is not to start your car; if you do start it, then it becomes a much larger issue; just leave it parked where it is and call out for a diesel repair for diesel or petrol repair for the other. They will then be able to come out and flush out the fuel system so that they can then pump in the correct fuel. Although it is a silly mistake, it is a common one, so just making sure you keep an eye on the fuel you are putting in that will help.

Another issue when it comes to fuel is actually running out of fuel; this is not as bad as putting in the wrong fuel but can damage your vehicle if you run at low fuel too often. The best way to rectify this is to carry a jerry can of fuel with you to fill it up or call out a breakdown service to fill you up with some and get you to a nearby garage. If you do feel you are about to run out of fuel, then try and pull over to a safe place before the engine cuts out so that you are not in harm’s way while waiting for help.

Engine Overheating

Your engine can overheat if the engine’s coolant is low or if the cooling fan is damaged and not working. If the engine overheats, it will cause it to cut out, sometimes you can get it going again when it has cooled, but not always; therefore, it is best to get someone out to help and top up coolant if that is the issue. If it is due to a damaged fan, then it is best to get it to a garage as soon as possible to have it replaced; otherwise, the issue will continue. To try and prevent this, make sure you check the engine coolant to make sure it is topped off and also check the fan for any damage. 

Brakes and Clutch

Anything mechanical can break down on the car and make it undrivable; this could be an issue with the brakes or the clutch; these run on cables which can stretch or snap. This can lead to serious issues with your car. Anything that involves the brakes is a life-threatening breakdown as well, so it is imperative to keep them checked and maintained to prevent issues. As well as the cables for your brakes, the brake pads and discs can become worn; this will lead to braking becoming harder and less trustworthy; this can lead to accidents and collisions, so making sure that they are checked and changed when necessary is very important. If you need to check the brakes, then it is best to take it to a garage to make sure they are changed correctly as they are a very important aspect of the vehicle.

If you worry about breakdowns and want to know what the more common causes of breakdown are, then hopefully, these few tips may help you to understand what can cause a breakdown and allow you to keep an eye on it in the future. 

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