Why You Could Be Better Off Riding A Motorcycle Than Driving A Car

Posted by Ben Davidson about 7 months ago

If you were to stand by the side of a busy road for an hour, what vehicle do you think you’d see more of? Cars, obviously. Around ¾ of UK households own a car, beating every other form of transportation by a mile.

However, just because cars might be most people’s main form of travel, that doesn’t mean we should all follow the crowd. There’s a lot to be said for why motorcycles are better, with these reasons being the best.

Fewer Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are the worst. Whether they stop you from getting to work on time, delay your trip home, or just slow down your day, they’re a real nightmare. The average driver spends over 100 hours in traffic jams in a year, and there’s not much they can do about it. One of the best ways to avoid this congestion is to use a different form of travel. Walking or cycling are good for short distances, while motorcycles triumph on the longer stretches. Not only are they fast, but they can weave through traffic the way that cars can’t.

Good Resale Value

A vehicle’s resale value might not be something you think too deeply about when you buy one. However, it’s definitely something you should consider, given how often cars lose 50% of their value after three years. Motorcycles don’t depreciate in value quite so quickly, which means if you want to sell yours later on, this vehicle could be more financially beneficial. The more money you make from your sale, the more you’ll be able to spend on a new model. GLM Suzuki is a good place to look if you’re after motorcycle dealers in London. Not only do they have a wide range of bikes, clothing, and accessories, but they make it their goal never to be beaten on price.

Less Fuel Consumption

Fuel costs just seem to keep getting worse. Unfortunately, there’s not much that we can do about that until vehicles can run efficiently and affordably on other forms of energy. Until that happens, the only ways to really reduce fuel costs are to travel less or use a vehicle that doesn’t consume as much as a car. Motorcycles definitely fit the bill here. They don’t guzzle as much fuel as the standard car, meaning you can save money without having to reduce your time on the road.

Burns Greater Calories

Driving and exercise aren’t too things that people tend to group together. After all, the former is usually viewed as an excuse not to do the latter. However, believe it or not, you do burn calories when you’re in the driver’s seat. What you lose, though, depends on the vehicle that you’re driving. In a car, your activity level is akin to sitting on the sofa, so what you burn off is minimal. Motorcyclists help you to burn hundreds of calories, though, because of things like balancing and frequent head movements. These might seem like small actions, but they can have a massive impact.

Good For The Mind

Unless you own a convertible, feeling the wind rushing past you is something you never get to experience in a car. Motorcyclists, though, get that thrill all the time. It’s part of what makes riding a bike so exhilarating. All that fresh air, along with riding the sunshine and the feeling of freedom, can create a positive mindset for many motorcyclists. Although being on a bike has its share of stresses, especially on busy roads, it’s also surprisingly relaxing. After all, motorcyclists spend so much time focusing on their surroundings that they stop thinking about anything else that might be stressing them out or getting them down.

Motorcycles definitely aren’t for everyone, especially if you have a family that you need to drive here, there, and everywhere. However, if you’re a lone wolf looking to save time and money, a bike could be precisely what you need.

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