Car Cleaning Tips for Busy Drivers

Posted by Ben Davidson about 5 months ago

Our cars are an extension of our family; they ferry us on shopping trips, date nights, family holidays and more. We all relish having a sleek and gleaming car, but how do we keep it at that level of cleanliness, you ask. How can we maintain that new car smell and comfort? With four out of ten drivers too busy to give their car a deep-clean, the demand for knowing how to keep your car clean as a busy driver, is high. Being in a clean and comfortable car can boost even the most nervous drivers' confidence. So, how do you clean your car as a busy driver? 

While the easiest option out there is to hire someone else to clean your car for you, if you are a busy driver who does not want to do this, and would still prefer to clean your own car, we have some helpful car cleaning tips below, for those of you on-the-go. 

How to Get Rid of Dust on the Dashboard

This is certainly something I am sure that we have all faced at some point. While we do our very best to ensure that dust does not build up in our homes, it can sometimes be forgotten about in our cars. Cleaning off a build-up of dust on the dashboard and other areas of your car, is a job which even the busiest of drivers can complete. This is a quick, simple yet effective job which contributes to the overall cleanliness of your car remaining high but is not advised while driving. Make certain that your vehicle is stationery when cleaning. 

What You Will Need to Clean the Dust

The most effective tool to use when cleaning dust from most surfaces, are microfiber cloths. This helpful product is designed to pick up even the smallest speck of dirt with the unique and refined woven loops. The design of these cloths enables accurate cleaning with maximum coverage, perfect for busy drivers! With over 200,000 microfiber strands per cloth, you can rest assured that this technique will ensure that your car is as clean as possible, with minimal effort required. 

How to Create an Alluring and Captivating Smell in Your Car

Most of us know that it is difficult to recreate that new car smell. How do those manufacturers do it? While it can be difficult to recreate and maintain the new car smell, there is also the opportunity to find your new favorite smell with the help of a car fragrance kit. Purchasing a product such as this, will provide a level of splendor for you and your vehicle; these are often used as perfumes for luxury cars, so why not treat yourself? 

What Does the Car Fragrance Kit Do?

As the name suggests, car fragrance kits leave your car and its interior smelling delightful to all those who grace its presence. Provided by polished company Officina Delle Essenze, the car fragrance kits provide car owners with four attractive scents, which are sure to bring a level of comfort and expertise to any vehicle. A few careful spritz of the fragrance in your car's interior and you are certain to feel comfortable. There is no need to overexert yourself in order to have an attractive smelling car, especially as a busy driver. Simply store a product like this in the glove compartment and use as and when necessary. Not to mention, the scent from these fragrance kits is sure to make their way into the seats in your car, lasting for a long period of time and giving yourself and passengers a comfortable and aromatic journey. 

How to Clean Those Window Smears

It is difficult to prevent window smears, particularly if you are a car owner with a family, or a busy driver who commutes, and often has their hands full when opening and closing car doors. While those pesky smears can be easily ignored, they are also a quick and easy part of your car that you can clean as a busy driver. How do you get rid of the marks on your car’s windows, and what products can you use to prevent more from forming in the future? Read on for more. 

What Will I need?

When looking for products to bring your windows to their former, gleaming glory, you will want to ensure that you are not using a product which will leave streaks and water marks; these are the whole reason you are cleaning the windows. Using a window-cleaning spray in tandem with the microfiber cloths that were mentioned, are an excellent and effective way of cleaning your windows, no matter how busy you are. Cleaning the inside of your front windows will ensure that you have sparkling clean windows to look through while driving and are sure to encapsulate the attention of those you pass. 


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