Weatherproof Your Car: Mastering the Basics

Posted by Ben Davidson about 1 years ago

Apart from external elements (like debris and dirt) and occasional car negligence (e.g. not changing the oil), the unpredictable weather will also take its toll on your vehicle. If you want your ride to look and function well for a longer time, you'll need to protect it from moisture, debris and temperature changes due to the changing weather.

No matter what the season is, don't let the weather impact your car's look and running condition. But truth is, you can't always protect your car from getting soaked in the rain, wet with snow or affected by the summer heat. Fortunately, you can take steps to weatherproof your car.

From using custom all weather floor mats to protecting the exterior paint of your car, here are ways to weatherproof your ride:

Wash and Check Your Car's Surfaces Regularly

A rainy day may sound like the best day to stay in, watch some Resident Evil movies and not care if your car is getting soaked. Still, it's best to always be a step ahead.

Never let your car sit outside too long, especially if it's raining. If you do leave the car out, after the rain, check all the seals on your car's windows and doors to ensure that there are no leaks. Also, always clean your car regularly - whether there's rain or none.

Regularly wash the bottom part of your car. Doing so protects your vehicle from corrosion due to snow or water. Water can easily damage your car's undercarriage, so checking underneath is an important part for weatherproofing your car.

Also, wash the inside of the wheels to blast away the mineral and salt deposits before they cause corrosion and rust. 

Invest in a Quality Car Cover

A good car cover is one of the most effective purchases you can make for weatherproofing your car. Quality car covers protect your vehicle from the rain, as well as stop moisture from building up inside of your car.

Apart from the usual rains, car covers can also protect your vehicle from dirt and debris, as well as dust collecting on the surface of your ride. This is why car covers are also useful even when your car is in a garage. The additional padding can also stop storage-related damage.

Protect the Exterior Paint

Fact: rain and your car's exterior paint do not get along. Even though the exterior paint is tough against most contaminants and water, it will eventually erode. To make it last longer, you have to treat it.

If your car has been out in the rain, wash it immediately with a hose and wax it. Wax maintains the integrity of your paint job. You can also add a paint protection film to keep your car's original factory paint in good condition. Plus you can easily remove the film if needed.

Get an All-Weather Floor Mat

An all-weather mat is an upgraded mat designed to gather the mud, salt and dirt from your shoes. These easy-to-wash mats are incredibly durable, so they can defend the floor of your car.

Stopping mud and water from collecting and staining your vehicle's floors preserves the look of your interior, as well as prevents it from smelling.

Make Sure Your Car is Properly Sealed

The rubber strip between your vehicle and the outside keeps natural elements out of your car. Keep these strips in good condition.

Another way to properly seal your car is to apply sealant. Your vehicle's exterior can easily deteriorate if you go too long between washes because salt and rain can cause damage. Apply a sealant after every wash. You can use car polish or wax.

The synthetic ingredients in sealants protect your car from water damage. Also, you can easily rub it onto the clean paint. Cap it off with a good buff using a microfiber cloth.

Keep Your Car Sheltered When Possible

Carports and garages are made to protect your vehicle from external elements. If possible, make keep your car inside these shelters to protect it from floods, hailstorms or more. Water can easily make its way into areas of the car where it takes longer to evaporate.

If you don't have a garage, go for a portable garage to shelter your car. These covers allow for airflow under the cover, which ensures your car dries out faster, minimizing the chances of corrosion. You can also use a protective cover to protect your car while it is parked outside.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are important for your driving safety, especially when the spring weather becomes rainy. Keep your wipers in good condition by making sure they have the right level of fluid, which keeps them from wearing out.

With the weather being so unpredictable, it pays to be prepared. These tricks and tips protect your car from rain, snow and heat. Prolong your car's lifespan by practicing proper weatherproofing.


Weatherproofing Your Car 101: The Basics

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