Things to Know About Examining Tire Wear

Posted by Ben Davidson about 3 months ago
Among the various diverse types of car tires available on the market today, passenger car tires are the most commonly used and cost-effective ones available on the market. As the name implies, passenger car tires are primarily manufactured for passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4s, trucks, commercial vans, motorsports, and more. However, depending on the type of tire, the performance may vary. To enhance the performance and making a difference in the key areas of driving experience like comfort and safety, Giti Tires has integrated AdvanZtech, an advanced technology in their R&D department.
The performance of the tires is responsible for the safety and providing the ultimate driving experience. Deteriorating in the tire performance can lead to problematic driving and safety issues along chances of reducing the stability of the vehicle. These very factors increase the importance of routine check-up of the passenger tires to ensure whether they are working in the optimum condition or needs to be addressed for any fix up. 

Steps to follow when checking the health of tires 

Analysing the tread depth 
Irrespective of the type of the tire, due to daily usage each of them tends to lose a certain amount of rubber from tread. It is common and inevitable for the tires to wear down to the accepted minimal level over time due to exhaustion and damage. Losing a significant amount of tread rubber leads to reduced grip and stability, which may result into a larger braking distance, increased probability of aquaplaning on wet surfaces, and the possibility to skid upon sudden braking. 

The tread depth of a tire is responsible for ensuring there is enough traction present in the tire in order to grip the road. However, you can easily confirm that the tread depth of a certain tire is above the minimum level (1.6mm) by examining the TWI or treadwear indicator, which is a small marking of rubber found within the grooves. If you notice the tire tread has reached the TWI level, it is a clear sign of changing the tire for better safety and performance.

Checking the tire pressure 
Examining if the tires are properly inflated is crucial for the vehicle to move adequately on different surfaces. A tire pressure gauge can be useful in such situations where you need to use the gauge to read the pressure of a tire and compare with the suggested inflation pressure. However, whenever you check tire pressure, make sure the tires are cold i.e. after sitting for a minimum of hours, instead of bleeding pressure form a hot tire. 

Examining sidewall
The sidewall of tire can be found just beside the tread, which is why you need to closely examine the surface to locate any cuts or cracks. However, it is relatively easier to spot any damage on a sidewall if present. For internal damages, you can feel the sidewall to spot any bulges. Internal damages of a tire can occur by running over potholes or uneven surfaces and needs to be identified for the safety of the driver. 

An outer bulge can lead to accidents and even tire blowout, which is why upon spotting one a replacement is necessary. A tire replacement is also needed if there are any sign of large cracks or bruises, since they might result in allowing pressure leakage to the tire. A routine check or a thorough examination of the tire after a long trip should do the job in identifying any issue regarding sidewall. 

Verifying the age and condition of the tire
Apart from checking the tread depth and tire pressure, in order to ensure a tire is in its best condition, look for any damage that may necessitate its replacement. Despite checking the sidewalls for any cuts, punctures, bumps, bulges, or cracks, consider the age of the tires as well. While the daily usage of the tires is a factor to consider, the age of the tires is also something to be worth taking into account when replacement of the tires is concerned. 

You can easily determine the age of a tire by looking at the DOT stamping printed on the sidewall. The four digit code at the end of the DOT stamping refers to the week and the year it was manufactured.

Look for uneven wear 
Due to issues related to vehicle suspension, poor driving habits, wheel imbalance and ill maintenance of the pressure levels can lead to uneven tire wear. A thorough routine check on a regular basis would be enough for identifying the wears and tears related to a tire. 

While considering the above-mentioned pointers are necessary in guaranteeing the health of a tire in the long run, prioritizing the manufacturing process is equally crucial to ensure the same. Giti Tire’s R&D department with the technical knowledge management platform AdvanZtech has been focusing on the key attributes related to increasing the driver needs. 

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