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Checking Your Torque Wrench And Proper Fastener Torque Tips Video V8TV

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http://www.v8tvshow.com - 314.783.8325 - http://www.arp-bolts.com Fasteners need to be tightened properly to achieve the required clamping pre-load or your engine could have big problems down the road. In this video, we show you how to check the accuracy of your torque wrench, and explain the need for proper fastener lubrication to get an accurate "squeeze" on critical engine parts. ARP developed their Ultra-Torque assembly lubricant for this reason, as it allows fasteners to reach their target clamping force without the need for repeated torque cycles, it offers a high melting point to stay on the fastener, and it is non-metallic. Click read-more to watch the video!

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