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Yeah, I'm old. Fifty something. Means I've been driving for thirty some-odd years. Wish I could do it better! However, as a Journalist, TV guy, Producer and Writer, Member of AJAC (Automobile Journalist Association of Canada) since 2002, I've learned a thing or two about what makes a car good. Or Bad. And as a Journalist, TV Guy, Producer and Writer I'm used to letting people know what I think. What??? You think I'm full of shit? Then make your own video! That's why I created the site! by Rob Davidson
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2018 Jeep Compass review

847 Views Uploaded 1 years ago

The 2018 Jeep Compass is a very comfortable vehicle , and because it is "Trailrated" it is very capable.But the model we had for testing developed a really weird and irritating "thumping" on cold winter days. It certainly sounded like an axle or differential problem. Sadly I have no idea what the real issue was. In spite of this once the car was warmed up it drove fine with decent miliage. So maybe not something you want to deal with on a vehicle that's only 4000 kilometres old.

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