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For over 15 years, PMG Technologies (PMG), has been managing successfully the Motor Vehicle Test and Research Center (MVTC) which is Transport Canada's only test facility and automotive research center. PMG is a recognized leader that stands out by its ability to provide research solutions and compliance with manufacturers and governments. Our passion for safety research and unique technical expertise has been perfected and enriched through the delivery of research and compliance programs for Transport Canada. PMG is proud to have contributed to the development of one of the most important data bases of front and rear seat motor vehicle occupant responses during frontal, side and rear impact crash tests; and to have assisted in the development and evaluation of the first world harmonized side impact crash dummy. Excellence for innovation and all industries In 2012, the Transport Canada crash test facility located in Blainville, Quebec was named ″Crash Test Facility of the Year 2012″ while PMG Technologies received the award for ″Most Accurate Crash Test Facility in the World″. Presented by ″Automotive Testing Technology International ″ a renowned international publication in the field of automotive testing, the awards brought international recognition to the Motor Vehicle Test and Research Center (MVTC) and to PMG Technologies. Are you on #Twitter? Let's connect: Facebook: Youtube:
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Car to Car_Side Impact

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PMG Technologies, devotes resources to the prevention of injury during accidents in situations where they are most likely to occur. For more information please visit our Web Site at:

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