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Highlights of the LA Auto Show 2012

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In L.A. nothing can steal the show from the new Beetle Convertible. Right away it has been the visitors darling. Its design pays tribute to its predecessors that were a sensation on the U.S. market and its technology is state-of-the-art. Porsche too, uses the stage in the Sunshine State of California for the world premiere of its Cayman because here the stylish powerhouses are very much in demand. Audi follows a rising tendency with its diesel cars and thus satisfies the growing demand of premium customers for eco-friendly compression-ignition engines. Meanwhile Bentley gives racing enthusiasts an appetite for more with its Continental GT3. SUVs are still very much in demand among Americans. Toyota is adapting to this with offering the new RAV4. At BMW the focus was on the sub-brand "i" with studies for the future and Mercedes catches the attention with an offer of the special kind: a G-like study shows how the police could chase after criminals in the future.

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