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Canadian Bullrun Rally 30 sec TV commercial

Posted by (0:30) By: Robbie
 Uploaded 10 years ago
Canada has arguably the most gorgeous lands yet seen by man, yet no truly Canadian rally exists that showcases her beauty. That is, until now. Imagine rallying, tops down, through the Rockies in the summer, spending the evenings winning and dining at such gorgeous destinations like the Fairmont chateau on Lake Louise. Canada, with her aqua blue glacier fed lakes, year round snow-capped mountains and the winding roads that can take you through it all seems the perfect hostess for such a rally. Appropriately named the Canadian Bullrun Rally, this rally is part of a new breed of high-end luxury lifestyle, automotive rallies. Every year, the world’s finest sports cars will embark on an epic, seven-day, rolling adventure across Canada, bringing together a cast of characters and petro-sexuals for an unforgettable adventure, where the only obligatory goals are to drive, embellish in the luxury and perhaps win ten - thousand dollars worth of prizes. Fueled by an impressive schedule of events at the finest venues and hotels in the most exciting cities in Canada, Bullrunners will make their way from one checkpoint to the next, learning their lunch and hotel destinations daily, winding to a close each with night with a Bullrun event. The winner is determined by several factors from achieving the fastest lap time around one of the 2 Track events we have scheduled to winning the Bullrun Slot car challenge. The rally is not all about speed however as the public road driving covering almost 3000km must be kept within the speed limits of the law, this means speeding will result in loosing points for those challenges. Registration is on a strictly first come, first serve basis. The entry fee is $5850. The entry fee covers two drivers, five star accommodations for seven nights, first class meals and top notch events at the best venues. The 2011 Canadian Bullrun Rally is expected to run 23rd to 30th July 2011. If you want to join the party, sign up for the Rally here and I will see you on the grid.

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